Justine Liberto Wins Event#51 at WSOP 2015

By | June 29, 2015

A professional poker pro from Baltimore Justin Liberto has won one of the great event of the tournament that is event number 51 of the world series of poker tournament of 2015. Justin wins a gold bracelet as well as $640,711 at the $3000 buy-in Six handed No Limit Hole’em game.

The total number of entries to the game was 1,043 which generated a whopping $2,847,390 in which 108 players got some prizes as they were the finishers of the games to the No Limit Hold’em. The event was in the process through june 25th to 28th of 2015. In this particular event Seamus Cahill comes second just after Justin.

This was the first gold bracelet winning for the Justin, whereas total earnings from the WSOP to Justin has gone past to $1,99,624 which seems to be a great amount to spent. In the year 2013 Justin got 4th place for himself in this prestigious tournament.

Till date he made two final table appearances at WSOP. He feels great after winning the first ever gold bracelet and is very happy indeed he recalls at press event.


He was a finalist to the Millionaire in the year 2013. Here are some other finalists who have won great amount of money while playing at $3000 buy in No Limit Hold’em game.

A pro poker player from Ireland Mr. Seamus Cahill comes second in this event just after Justin. He added a total amount of $395,986 to his account. Whereas the third place for the event goes to Kiryl Radzivonau, a player from Belarus who won $251,168.

Some Other Winners for the WSOP Events:-

Ladies No Limit Hold’em Title Goes to Jacqelyn Scoot

Jacqelyn Scoot has won $1000 buy in Ladies poker No Limit Holdem at WSOP 2015 on 28th of June 2015. Jacqelyn is 68 years old and a part time poker player from Lauderdale florida has got first prize at the event no- 53 and a winning prize of $153,876 to herself. Total entries for the event were 795, generated $715,500 of prize pool.

This was the first gold bracelet to Ms. Scott. The final table job was not very easy for Ms. Scott but she overcame every hurdle and won a great prize for herself acquiring first place at the game.

No one at the game/event was thought that she can win the game but she did it quite amazingly and of course was very happy after winning this shot of the life.

In her words, it was a great game. i always played the games with men and not with women she added to the interview.