Kaverman Topped the Global Poker Index for 2015

By | November 6, 2015

The GPI or Global poker index has released new poker player ranking for the year 2015 to which a pro poker player Byron Kavermanfrom the united states Mr. Byron Kaverman has topped the list by getting total 4203.23 points in his name, followed by Jason Mercier who got 4,200.22 points against his name. He belongs to Port Charlotte, FL, United States. Top 5 player got their name in the list are from the same country that is from the United States.

Here is what we got about GPI top 15 players of the 2015.

Rank #1
Player Name :-Byron Kaverman
Points:4,203.23 pts
Country:San Diego, United States
Best Live Cash:$727,860
Total Earning Till Date:$6,747,829

Rank #2
Player Name :-Jason Mercier
Points:4,200.22 pts
Country:Davie,United States
Best Live Cash:$1,622,181
Total Earning Till Date:$15,825,710

Rank #3

Player Name :-Anthony Zinno
Points:3,975.21 pts
Country:Boston,United States
Best Live Cash:$1,122,196
Total Earning Till Date:$5,283,234

Rank #4

Player Name :-Scott Seiver
Points:3,896.10 pts
Country: Las Vegas ,United States
Best Live Cash:$5,160,000
Total Earning Till Date:$21,006,896

Rank #5

Player Name :-Nicholas Petrangelo
Points:3,816.52 pts
Country:Feeding Hills ,United States
Best Live Cash:$669,512
Total Earning Till Date:$2,821,769

Rank #6

Player Name :-Mustapha Kanit
Points:3,793.16 pts
Country:Alessandria ,Italy
Best Live Cash:$1,048,243
Total Earning Till Date:$4,887,514

Rank #7

Player Name :-Davidi Kitai
Points:3,755.74 pts
Country: Brussels ,Belgium
Best Live Cash:$930,816
Total Earning Till Date:$6,668,679

Rank #8

Player Name :-Paul Volpe
Points:3,745.62 pts
Country:Philadelphia, ,United States
Best Live Cash:$651,170
Total Earning Till Date:$4,058,476

Rank #9

Player Name :-Mike McDonald
Points:3,709.66 pts
Country:Waterloo, Canada
Best Live Cash:$1,701,808
Total Earning Till Date:$12,497,669

Rank #10

Player Name :-Steve O’Dwyer
Points:3,695.17 pts
Country: New Britain ,United States
Best Live Cash:$1,872,580
Total Earning Till Date:$10,824,802

Rank #11

Player Name :-Stephen Chidwick
Points:3,664.92 pts
Country:Deal ,United Kingdom
Best Live Cash:$517,992
Total Earning Till Date:$4,206,425

Rank #12

Player Name :-Bryn Kenney
Points:3,610.81 pts
Country: New York ,United States
Best Live Cash:$873,880
Total Earning Till Date:$6,232,902

Rank #13

Player Name :-Dominik Nitsche
Points:3,595.99 pts
Country:Minden, Germany
Best Live Cash:$654,797
Total Earning Till Date:$5,096,227

Rank #14

Player Name :-Brian Rast
Points:3,572.62 pts
Country:Poway, CA, United States
Best Live Cash:$7,525,000
Total Earning Till Date:$16,275,850

Rank #15

Player Name :-Jonathan Duhamel
Points:3,571.96 pts
Country:Boucherville, QC, Canada
Best Live Cash:$8,944,310
Total Earning Till Date:$17,579,964

This was the list of top 15 players of the year 2015 as per the global poker Index. If you need to know anything else regarding world poker players, their rankings or their total income, please do visit the site realpokeronline.co.uk for the same and get updated about each and everything that you need to know as an online poker player.