Knowing seven card stud hi/lo Rules

By | March 1, 2015

7 Card stud game is one of the most played games over the years. This is a classic poker game which has everything for the poker lovers and that is why this particular game is played at online casino websites or at the earth casino places. In this game a player is dealt 7 cards and he has to pick the highest 5 cards as a winner.

The hi/lo game whereas is a split plot game. It means the pot will be split to the highest and lowest hands. I will tell you further that how can you play this great real poker online kind of game without going out to any certain place and at your own destination such as at your desktop or smart phones.

First thing first is the difficulty. In to this I can assure you that playing 7 card stud hi/lo is not very difficult to play. It could be an average game for you to play. You will require at least 30 minutes of time to hang out with this great game, now starting with the process of the game. All the players or put in an ante. In the next step the dealt deals the card from his/her left. A player will be dealt two cards down with one card face up, where the two cards down are called as hole and the one facing down will be called as door card. After getting the face up (hole card 0 everyone now shall look at his or hare card. Then the player who has got the lowest card showing face up will have to call the bring-in and then the betting continues through the left of the player. Each player has the chance to raise, call or fold of their cards.

The betting completed the next round of betting continues that is called as Fourth Street or also like the turn. In this round of betting each player would get one card face up. This round of betting completes and another round of betting is starts with the player having the highest cards showing.

The next round of betting would be fifth card which is also called as Fifth Street and in this round of betting every player would get one card faced up. Then the next round of betting like sixth round of card and then the seventh round of betting occurs for card face up.

The final or seventh round of card betting would be dealt face down to the players remaining in to the game. Now the players have to show their hands.

The player who has got best five cards out of seven rounds of betting will wins the first of the pot whereas the best low card player will get the other half of the pot in the 7 card hi lo poker games.

The most important rule to know in this game is that when you are going to play 7 card stud hi/lo you will have to pick 5 best cards among the 7 cards (7 rounds of the betting). Remember in the game of hi/lo if you have eight or better your lowest number should not exceed to 8.

To play the games you will need a 52 Card deck with chips as well as 2 to the 7 players. For more gambling needs just check out top uk poker sites. Using this place one can simply play his/her favorite poker games at internet or at mobile.