Kozir Defeated Ifold2ndnuts to win Event#40 of WCOOP 2016, pocketed $61,380

By | September 17, 2016

kozir-defeated-ifold2ndnuts-to-win-event40-of-wcoop-2016-pocketed-61380Kozir a poker player from Belarus is the new winner of event#40 of prestigious WCOOP 2016. The event was $320 buy in No Limit Hold’em 8 max game, which attracted 1,730 entries and generated $519,000 as total prize pool.

Top 215 finishers of the event at least took home some amount of money. The runner up of this particular 8 Max No Limit Hold’em was a player from Netherlands named Ifold2ndnuts, who made $52,255 from the tournament.

The winner and the runner ups were decided after a three way deal took place among top three remained player to do business. They were Kozir (Belarus), Ifold2ndnuts and a Brazilian Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva, who becomes third for $62,000, according to the three way deal.

The event was one of the best and attracted Hugh number of players from entire world. Total 107 players remained in business on the end of Day 1.

Some notable players, unable to make themselves to the final table but collected some money were JACKPOT786 finishes 16th, earning $2,900, followed by DENV3UR (15th), alberto ka (14th) and camerofelix (13th).

The Final table of 8 Players took place and they were:-

Seat#1, seat#2 and seat#3 at G A W (Romania) — 1,096,194, Andy_Pavlen (Ukraine) — 1,619,032 , and cedrick89 (Canada) — 903,307.

Seat#4, seat#5 and sea#6 were for Ifold2ndnuts (Netherlands) — 4,669,748, Thegrandape (Bolivia) — 1,057,659 and Kozir (Belarus) — 2,800,718.

Meanwhile Seat#7 and seat#9 was for elementx8 (Australia) — 1,143,582 and Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva (Brazil) — 4,009,760.

The first play busted from the final table was Romanian G A W, who made $7,803, being eighth, then goes Bolivian Thegrandape for $10,852 and secured seventh place.

Sixth, fifth and fourth position of the event#40 of World champion of online poker 2016 belongs to players from Ukraine, Australia and Canada and they were Andy_Pavlen ($15,094), elementx8 (Australia) $20,993 and cedrick89 (Canada) $29,197.

Meanwhile after most of the players got eliminated from the race of the championship title, top three players remained in to play and they all were looking to down the title. They were Brazilian Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva, Ifold2ndnuts and Kozir (Belarus).

They all lasted to at least half an hour and finally it was Silva moves out from the table by having $62,000.

Kozir: A♠A♣, wins the title and the first prize of amount 61,380
Ifold2ndnuts: 3♥3♠, becomes runner up for $52,255

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