Learning How to play Texas Holdem

By | February 17, 2015

Texas Holdem is one of the most played poker games at the internet these days. The game were firstly being played at offline casino places such as at the brick or earth casinos where people had to go to the places like these to find out their most favorite game, but nowadays since we have technologies like internet, computers and also the great smart phones/mobiles we can simply enjoy the game of luck at our own place without even moving out from our places/homes. That is why the popularity of such games is growing high and high in nature. Due to the lack of time people just love to check out these best time pass games at their own set of mobiles/computers/i-pads and i-pods. Now this was a bit about the game and in this article I will tell you that how to learn the process of playing Texas Holdem games without going out at internet.

This game (Texas Hold’em) is a set/variation of standard card games of poker. The cards i.e. hole cards are dealt face down to each player where as five community cards are faced down by the dealer. Community cards are called as shared cards which are face up in the center by the dealer for everyone out there at the table to make a complete hand ( as you should know that this game is dealt privately ) and hence the community card is used to complete the hand of any player.

I mentioned five cards such as – a series of three which is also called ‘the flop’ and then an additional card (the turn) of and one more additional card like “the river” or “fifth street”. Now if you are a player you would have option to either check, bet, raise or fold after each deal. You should also keep in mind that betting can take place before “the flop”, on the river or on the turn. The game is basically divided in two parts i.e. the hands or the deals. The main objective of this variation of card game is to apply you using mathematically and psychologically correct decisions and not for winning every hand and also about how much to bet, when to raise, call or fold. Here at this site of Texas Holdem you can get more knowledge about learning and best practices of the games.

Now as playing the hands: – as you know betting starts with two cards face down where the small blind player would get the first card as well as the last one “the button” player would get the last card of the deck. The deck contains 52 cards without jokers. Betting takes place with pre flop to the clockwise and its gets continues until every player has folded. If all the players call for the big blind to a player then player has the option to either check or Raise.

Now after the pre flop we have at least two players and now is the time of second round betting which is called as “Flop”, it continues with the three face up and a community card on the table. This round also starts with the left of the player and continues to the clockwise. After completing this second round we have the third round of betting which is called as “turn” or the fourth street and the last and final betting round would be the “river” or fifth street and then the last of course the case of showdown if necessary. You should also know that before every betting round like flop, turn and river the dealer will burn a card so that you as a player cannot see the back of the next community card. This method is used so that no one can know the next community card and of course its provide the privacy. making sure to have a look at this top 5 us poker sites would also help you to know the rules of the games and you can enjoy reading reviews and online poker sites here at this quality site.