LilFishAtL Wins $141K at Sunday Million on 7 Feb 16

By | February 9, 2016

bica999 wins $75K at sunday warm upLilFishAtL of Mexico has won the Sunday Million Championship presented by PokerStars. He won the tournament by defeating a player of Canada Grayson “gray31” Ramage (Last Wee TCOOP Title and $231K winner).

LilFishAtL took home the first prize of cash amount $141,000, whereas the Canadian player (runner up) got his share of amount $156,406. Total number of participants to this editions Sunday Million (7 Feb 2016) were 5,718, out of which top 855 players got paid out. The total prize pool for this particular event was $1,143,600.

The seat Table and chip counts for the players are as follows:-

Seat 1: LilFishAtL -7,370,074
Seat 2: bRe3za:-3,824,187
Seat 3: tonyfo14:-3,077,464
Seat 4: 1974cww:-12,024,757
Seat 5: gray31:-14,147,686
Seat 6: Speedyy1986:-6,976,067
Seat 7: Ship It 2010:- 02,338,456
Seat 8: 1morepls:- 2,933,128
Seat 9: diablo8807:- 4,488,181

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The first elimination from the final table was of bRe3za of Germany who took home $8,920 and finished at 9th place. After his removal from the table diablo8807 of Hungary got eliminated and was at 8th position with an amount win $14,295.

The United Kingdom player 1974cww, busted to the 7th place with an amount $25,159. Speedyy1986 of Romania was at 6th place and won $36,595 of cash.

The fourth and fifth spots belong to players Jamie “Ship It 2010” O’Connor (UK, $64,213) and tonyfo14 (Lebanon, $48,031).

Moments of all these removals top 3 remaining players decided to discuss a deal and they were:-gray31 46,489,188, LilFishAtL 7,307,684 and 1morepls 3,383,128.

Gray31 was in a great position to move forward and negotiate a deal which is of course better than $165k. After a couple of more hands “1morepls” got busted at third place.

It means the final hand or heads up hand took place in between.

Seat 1: LilFishAtL having 6,757,684 chip counts and won the first prize of $141,000.

Seat 5: gray31 having 50,422,316, chip counts and was runner up with an amount $156,406.