Lithuania PokerFan_lol wins Event#4, while Hungary’s kZhh wins #6 of TCOOP

By | January 19, 2017

PokerFan_lol wins event#4 of TCOOP 17PokerFan_lol wins Event#4 of TCOOP 2017, while Hungary’s kZhh won followed event of the tournament. PokerFan_lol received ($18,568.31 + $3,757.36 in bounties), whereas kZhh received $32,435 in a three way deal.

The event#4 attracted a huge 10,940 entrants, because it was a $27 buy-in No Limit Hold’em , 6 max Hyper Turbo game. The event generated a huge prize pool of amount $281,267.40 ($140,688.40 regular, $140,579 bounty), which was distributed among top 1,511 finishers.

PokerFan_lol took home most of the share being first, whereas Hungarian NorBaggio becomes runner-up in the match and pocketed ($12,132.27 + $4,339.61 in bounties).

Two players were from United Kingdom and they were swansfc_CJ and sickhangover. They both were final table players but busted to fourth and sixth places.

Top Six Finishers of 2017 TCOOP Event#4:-

  1. PokerFan_lol (Lithuania) $18,568.31 + $3,757.36 in bounties
    2. NorBaggio (Hungary) $12,132.27 + $4,339.61 in bounties
    3. Game-0ver901 (Norway) $7,930.50 + $875.78 in bounties
    4. swansfc_CJ (United Kingdom) $5,183.93 + $779.97 in bounties
    5. Kairo90 (Norway) $3,388.57 + $1,413.37 in bounties
    6. sickhangover (United Kingdom) $2,215.01 + $751.25 in bounties

Hungary’s kZhh wins $32,435 at Event#5 of the tournament:-

The event was $82 NL Hold’em, 8-Max, Bubble Rush, which received 3,290 entries from most parts of Europe and generated $246,750.00 as total prize pool. Top 391 players received some wining amount.

Canada’s GriffGolf13 becomes runner-up for the game and collected $23,812,while third place belongs to a player Lithuania PokerFan_lol wins Event#4 of tcoop 17Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann $22,698.32.

The first player who busted from the final table was Pumpingpoker of Russia, who made $3,324 from the game for eighth place, then goes SimbaUp (Uzbekistan) $4,663.47 from seventh place.

Sixth, fifth and fourth places of the same events belongs to players known as LeviTheKing1 (Hungary) $6,542.13, csikken (Hungary) $9,177.61 and LeROYal 09 (Ireland) $12,874.82,

This is one of the most famous European online poker tournaments being taken place at PokerStars. We would provide you other updates abbot the tournament as it goes.