M8675309a Wins Sunday Warm Up for $58,452

By | April 19, 2016

m8675309a wins sunday warm upM8675309a of Caicos Islands won an amount of $58,452 as first prize at April 17,2016 Sunday warm up took place on PokerStars. The player played really to defeat rasulov_a of Azerbaijan, who takes down the second prize for amount $42,940. The $1,050 No Limit Hold’em attracted 2,365 worldwide players and generated a total prize pool of $473,000. Top 342 players got away with at least some amount of  money.

After playing more than nine hours the final table was set for top 9 players and they were as follows:-

Seat#1,Seat#2 and seat#3 were for krapcity112(3004421), Duraircwb(3809426) and pulbier(1138002 chips).

Seat 4: rasulov_a (3424024 in chips), Seat 5: tjmosier (2126865 in chips) and Seat 6: ibotown (1104706 in chips).

Meanwhile Seat 7: INGA951 (1105930 in chips), Seat 8: m8675309a (3878437 in chips) ,Seat 9: ImDaNuts (4058189 in chips)

The first elimination was of INGA951, a pro poker player from Norway took home $4,020, playing against the opponents. He fixed his position to ninth place. The eighth place was for Canadian krapcity112, who took home $6,858.

Then goes Austrian ibotown with total amount share $11,588 and completed his journey to seventh position. The sixth place, fifth place and fourth places were for Duraircwb (Brazil) $16,318, pulbier (Netherlands) $39,180 and Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver of Costa Rica with total winning share of amount $39,060.

The third place for this particular Sunday warm up event belongs to another Canadian poker pro tjmosier, who got off with $40,155. He was playing against m867509a call and got busted to third position.

Making m8675309a the winner of the event for total $58,452, and rasulov_a, the runner up for total amount took home $42,940.

Previous winners and players like Sam “Str8$$$Homey” Greenwood   got busted to 11th position, just before the final table taking place. Greenwood collected $3,074, as winning share.