Mahmuttt88 wins PokerStars Super Tuesday on 9th Feb 2016

By | February 11, 2016

mahmuttt88 wins 9 Feb 2016 Super TuesdayMahmuttt88, an online poker pro from Finland wins the first prize of the Super Tuesday event played on 9th February 2016. The $1,050 buy in No Limit Hold’em event attracted 515 entrants which generated a cash prize pool of $515,000 and top 63 places go paid.

“Mahmuttt88” of Finland tops the field size and collected an amount of $97,850, as first prize. He defeated another pro “ministerborg” of Denmark and the former TCOOP Winner, who got his share of an amount $72,100.

The final table was formed after eight and half hours of game. The final 8 players looking to win the title of the championship were as follows:-

Seat 1: zcedrick (total chips 88,383)
Seat 2: ministerborg (558,003)
Seat 3: tots18 (116,916)
Seat 4: mahmuttt88 (488,643 )
Seat 5: canario508 (213,352 )
Seat 6: tonkaaaa (168,738 )
Seat 7: PhilRoyal888 (386,330 )
Seat 8: ShefanHilaly (424,512 )
Seat 9: “Schildy1984” (130,123 )

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The first elimination from the final table after a few hands was of a player from Austria named as Alexander “Schildy1984” Debus. He took home $8,549 and finished at 9th position of the event. “tonkaaaa” of Canada was at 8th place with an amount take home $11,587.

Sixth and seventh position were for players of tots18 of Canada $21,887 and , Sergio “zcedrick” Aido of United Kingdom who finished at 7th place and takes down his share $16,737.

mahmuttt88 kept the momentum up and was playing aggressively and that’s why ShefanHilaly of UK got out from the table and collected $28,325 as winning share.

Just after two more hands of ShefanHilaly elimination from the table canario508 took the lead over ministerborg , but could not be able to complete and hit the rain. He finished at fourth place. The Argentinian player got the winning share of amount $40,170.

The heads up round took place in between seat 2 and seat 4 i.e. ministerborg (1,410,440 chips) and mahmuttt88 ( 91, 164,560 chips).

Ministerborg won the two primary and significant pots but ministerborg checked the big blind and hit back with to win the title of the event.