Main Event Championship for WSOP 2015 Underway in Vegas

By | July 10, 2015

The main and final event for the world series of poker tournament 2015 is currently going on at Rio, in Las Vegas. This is the event number 68 which is also called as the main event for this championship. In this prestigious world level poker tournament there were total 67 events took place to which many top poker players from around the world including US, UK has won hundreds and thousands of dollars.

As the final event is on the way we have managed to give you some more details about the final event.

William Kakon Leads day 1 A of the event

Day 1 a, of the main event tournament begins with a $10,000 buy-in. with total number of players entries to the prestigious tournament is 741 which is lesser than previous years where the number of entries was 771. In total 741 players, 480 players exceeded to the next level that is to the day 2nd. They maintained their proficiency and Excellency to the game.

Hamid faiz did well at main event and tops Day 1B

On Monday where total number of players exceeded to 1,716 who participated in a $10,000 buy in game. In all these players Mr. Hamid Feiz steal the show winning 182,675 of George Danzer, a pro poker player did also well at the end of the day and collected worth 96,300 chips.

Danzer is a defending WSOP champion and a player of the year for the game. Adil Khan, Srikath Koneru, Ed Grau were also among the top at day 1B who did well to the table of the game.

While Danzer was the center of attention at the beginning of the day, it was Hamid Feiz (pictured below) who stole the show by the day’s end. Feiz ended the day with 182,675 in chips, which is for the chip lead of Day 1B, as well as the combined overall chip lead so far.It means they proceeded to the next day of the gaming along with 1,624 players.

John Gorsuch Leades day 1 of the main event;-

Mr. John Gorsuch is a pro poker player who steals the show while gambling at WSOP main event of the year 2015.John is a player from Virginia who ended his day with 198,100 chips. Total 3,963 players bought $10,000 buy-in for the main event.