Makarios007 of Germany wins Event#4 at TCOOP 2016

By | January 23, 2016

Event#4 of 2016 TCOOPMakarios007 of Germany has won the event#4 (($82 NL Turbo) of 2016 Turbo championship of online poker (TCOOP) and earned $47,408.76 as first prize money. The event attracted 4,026 players and generated a prize pool of $301,950 and surpassed the $200K Guaranteed.

Out of 4,026 players only top 540 players paid out. The final table was played for four hours and 20 minutes to decide the champion of the 2016 TCOOP and rest of the money makers.

makarios007 defeated a player from Canada i.e. “deepbluer” who took down a cash prize of $35,238.15.

The final table chip count of the event#4 is as follows:-

Seat 1: reijomo (956,704)

Seat 2: makarios007 (2,302,182)

Seat 3: MonsieurRask (6,210,858)

Seat 4: B4NKR0LL3R (2,324,582)

Seat 5: Heintje8 (662,087)

Seat 6: wrx2no (1,235,768)

Seat 7: kymatoz8814 (975,602)

Seat 8: deepbluer (1,545,559)

Seat 9: VeromosAA (3,916,658)

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Deepbluer was the runner up and took down $35,238.15, whereas 3rd, 4th and 5th positions belongs to players of Isral,and United Kingdom and the winners are VeromosAA($23,910.87), B4NKR0LL3R($17,362.12) and MonsieurRask ($12,832.87).

The 8th and 9th places of the events are for players from Russia and Nederland and the names are . kymatoz8814($3,774.37) and Heintje8($2,415.60).

The Money Maker at the Event#4 of the 2016 TCOOP ($82 NL Hold’em, Turbo):-

  1. makarios007 of Germany is at the top and secured 1st place with cash prize of $47,408.76
  2. deepbluer of Canada is the runner up and collected an amount of $35,238.15
  3. VeromosAA of Israel comes third position and took home an amount of $23,910.87
  4. B4NKR0LL3R of United Kingdom made out $17,362.12
  5. MonsieurRask of UK got his share of winning prize as $12,832.87
  6. wrx2no of Australia is at 6th place at the event and made out $9,813.37
  7. reijomo of Finland is at 7th place of the event and made $6,793.87
  8. kymatoz8814 of Russia and collected a cash prize of $3,774.37, being at 8th place.
  9. Heintje8 of Nederland’s was at 9th position and got his share of prize as $2,415.60