Maurice Hawkins wins record Ninth WSOP Gold Ring

By | February 23, 2017

Maurice Hawkins wins record Ninth WSOP Gold RingMaurice Hawkins of United States has done a great job by winning ninth gold ring of World Series of poker and that means he is with Alex Masek.

The event was $365 buy-in No Limit Hold’em which took place at Palm Beach Kennel Club of WSOP circuit. The tournament attracted 167 entries and generated a good amount of money as total prize pool as well.

The winner of the game was decided after a heads-up clash in between top two remaining players and they were both from Florida.

Top two players were Waller Everitt and Maurice Hawkins. Waller Everitt was leading the chip at the heads-up round to 4:1. It took more than three hours to decide the winner of the tournament i.e. Hawkins.

Hawkins life time earnings including this particular match and ninth gold rings is now over $2.3 Million, which simply is huge amount. Hawkins won his eighth WSOP Gold ring and and six WSOP rings last year.

Hawkins was looking very calm and cool after winning this prestigious shot of his life. His family was along with him at the moment he won his ninth gold ring of World Series of poker.

Now as the WSOP record says that Alex Masek and Hawkins both has total nine gold rings, but there are some difference in between these tw players.

Alex is a bit cool and don’ts like to explore the world, while Hawkins is not a kind of man who loves to do some work on the floor and has a choice to explore the world. Alex Masek is a quiet and an unassuming young blood, while Hawkins is far from quiet.

Hawkins was happy wining he title. He said after the match that “I am very happy that I won ninth gold ring”, I am a cool guy and love to do things which are great for me, I don’t give a damn to the people if they like me or not’, he added.