Meet the ‘November Niner’ of 47th Annual WSOP

By | July 20, 2016

Meet the ‘November Niner’ of 47th Annual WSOPThe 47th Annual world series of poker comes to an end after finalizing Final nine players. The main event was of $10,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em championship, which received 6,737 participants from 79 different countries. The November Niner are from five countries like Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Spain and the United States.

The final nine players of the main event will meet on October 30th to fight for $25 Million of cash prize. The will of the event will take home at least $8 Million of cash prize, whereas almost every players after him will collect a prize money of amount $1,000,000.

The Nine players will return to the Rio All Suite Hotel and casino on Sunday October 30 to play for the winning trophy and it will be broadcasted live on ESPN.

According to the Chip Counts, the November Niners are as follows:-

Cliff Josephy: – a Pro poker player from New York, United States was at the seat#5 and was having the most chip count along with him and it was 74,600,000. Josephy has won two gold bracelets one in 2013 and the event was $3,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em and one was back in 2005 for $1,500 buy in seven card Stud. Lifetime poker earnings for the player are now $2, 641, 420, whereas WSOP total earnings for the player is $810,358.

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Qui Nguyen (67,925,000):- A pro poker player from Las Vegas Nguyen was at seat#4. he hadn’t made enough money playing poker, besides he was at 54th place in 2009 WSOP for $1,500 buy in No Limit Hold’em Event.

Gordon Vayo(49,375,000):- A professional poker player from san Francisco, United States was seated at $7 and played really well till the end of the game. His best performance at WSOP was in 2014, where he finished second for $3,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em. Now he would get at least $1 Million from this super tournament kicking off from October 30, 2016.

Kenny Hallaert(43,325,000):- A pro poker player from Hansbeke, Belgium was at seat#8 of the Main Event of the 2016 WSOP. Live poker tournament winning for the player is $1,317,530, whereas total 22 WSOP cashes for him is $367,855.

Michael Ruane from New Jersey, United States was at seat36 with total chip counts 31,600,000. Total WSOP earning for the player before this event is just $24,438, and hence the $1 Million guaranteed will boost his winning total as well.

Vojtech Ruzicka from Czech Republic was at seat#2 with total 27,300,000 chip counts. All time WSOP Money for the Pragur based player is $138,585, whereas lifetime earnings from various poker tournaments including European poker tour, world series of poker and world poker tour is about $1,149,027.

Griffin Benger was a pro poker player from Canada and had total 26,175,000 chips along with him. He was at seat#1 at the table. He has 13 WSOP cahes with him and it is like $231,201, whereas life time earnings for the player from various poker festivals is $2,395,406. He loves to play online poker games as well and has done quite well.

A Brooklyn, New York based player named Jerry Wong was at seat#9 of the 47th Annual WSOP Main event with total 10,175,000 chips. He is one of the players, who will return to Rio, in Vegas on October 30, to win the trophy of the world’s best poker tournament. His all time poker tournament earning from various tournaments is $1,317,539, whereas total WSOP earnings for the player is $118,156.

Fernando Pons, a pro poker player from Palma, Spain was at Seat#3 with total 6,150,000 chips. The 37 year old player has lifetime earnings ($10,589). He at at 56th rank in a $1,500 buy in No Limit Hold’em event in 2014.