Metis669 of Russia wins Sunday Million and earns $112,764

By | January 25, 2016

Sunday MillionAn online poker player from Russia Metis669 has won the pokerstars Sunday Million event and took home the first prize of $112,764. He was at sixth position for the same tournament back in the year 2014, where he made an amount of $42,000.

Total numbers of entrants to the tournament were 5,799, which generated a hugh prize pool of $1,159,800 and it was distributed to the top 855 finishers of the tournament.

The heads up chip counts played in between metis669 of seat- 2 (43,489,647) and PureRunnings of seat- 5 (5,425,279) but at the end of the hand, Metis669 took a 3 to 1 advantage to capture the title with amount of $112,764.

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: max15183 -2,430,706
Seat 2: metis669 -7,452,833
Seat 3: phenom11218 -5,583,206
Seat 4: PureRunnings -15,646,747
Seat 5: blazinchron -5,425,279
Seat 6: Ravishka -4,383,627
Seat 7: FoppTheFlop -2,731,466
Seat 8: lio10k -4,371,840
Seat 9: b2k-Snick -9,964,296

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Final Table result:-

  • As Mentioned metis669 of Russia won the title of Sunday Million and collected $112,764.
  • blazinchron of Canada made an amount of $129,684 and was runner up.
  • PureRunnings of Mexico collected an amount of $139,126 and secured 3rd place.
  • b2kSnick of Ukraine was at 4th place and took home $90,640.
  • lio10k, a pro poker player from Switzerland comes at 5th position and got the winning share of $48,711.
  • Phenom11218 a native of Canada took down $37,113.
  • Ravishka of Russia made $25,515 being at 7th place.
  • max15183, A German poker pro secured 8th place for Pokerstars Sunday Million and got his share of $14,497.50.
  • A Canadian poker player named FoppTheFlop was at 9th place and added an amount of $9,046 to his account.

The winning hand for metis669 was K♦K♥ whereas the runner up blazinchron finishes with J♥9♦.

Players like PureRunnings of Mexico, blazinchron of Canada and b2k-Snick were in to the game and were playing really well before agreed to make a deal.