Mexican AAadrift wins Sunday Million for $157,465

By | January 17, 2017

Mexican AAadrift wins Sunday Million for $157,465A Mexican poker player named AAadrift has won 1-15-17 Sunday Million for $157,465. He defeated StoyanB of Bulgaria in a head-up match.

The tournament received 5,537 entries worldwide and generated a huge total prize pool of amount $1,107,400. Top 764 positions of this particular match pocketed some amount of money.

Final table was set after at least eleven hours of play and it includes players from countries like anada, Mexico, Finland, Brazil, Russia and Hungary and they were as follows:-

Seat#1,seat#2 and seat#3 belongs to players known as mönjäke (2,921,270 in chips), RafaCorreaBR (2,373,241 in chips) and StoyanB (9,410,833 in chips).

WillDav11 (11,810,914 in chips), olivax596 (2,310,238 in chips) and noirduck (5,609,161 in chips) were at fourth, fifth and sixth seats.

Whereas seventh, eighth and ninth positions of the final table were for players named as w00tLOL (7,795,902 in chips), AAadrift (11,176,223 in chips) and jcmspoker (1,962,218 in chips).

First player busted from the final table was a Brazilian known as jcmspoker. He pocketed a sum of amount $8,748 from the event for his ninth position.

Finland’s mönjäke was at eighth place for a total winning total of amount $12,555, while seventh place of the game goes to a pro poker player from Belgium known as olivax596 for $18,015.

Sixth, fifth and fourth places were for players named as noirduck (Hungary) $25,860.22, w00tLOL (Russia) $37,114.28
and WillDav11 (Canada) $53,265.94.

Top three places of latest Sunday Million took place on PokerStars:-

1. AAadrift (Mexico) $157,465.27
2. StoyanB (Bulgaria) $109,715.21
3. RafaCorreaBR (Brazil) $76,446.70

Sunday Million is one of the most popular online poker tournament hosted by PokerStars on every Sunday which attracts thousands of professional poker players from around the world.