‘Muka82’ wins Event#2 and ratajpoker wins Event#3 of TCOOP 2017

By | January 19, 2017

Brazilian Murilo 'Muka82' Figueiredo wins event#2 of TCOOP 2017Brazilian Murilo ‘Muka82’ Figueiredo wins event#2 of TCOOP 2017 and pocketed the first prize of amount ($8,023.12 + $2,553.91 bounty). He defeated philipoo of Denmark who received $5,821.50 + $696.05 bounty as winning total.

The event which was $82 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event attracted 1,378 players and generated a total rpize pol of amount $103,350 ( $51,675.00; Bounty pool: $51,675).

Final or remaining 167 players were able to collect some money from the tournament.

The first player who busted from the final table was NikkiWolf of Russia, who got $850.30 + $674.37 bounty for his eighth place, while seventh position of the match goes to a pro poker player from Russia Boby Boom who made $1,171 +$1,324 as bounty.German Chamäleon1 busted to fifth place for a total winning worth $1,613.59 + $1,081.77 bounty.

Top Five Players of TCOOP Event#2:

  1. Murilo ‘Muka82’ Figueiredo (Brazil) $8,023.12 + $2,553.91 bounty
  2. philipoo (Denmark) $5,821.50 + $696.05 bounty
  3. SemmelNy (Germany) $4,224.66 + $3,095.29 bounty
  4. kolios (Canada) $3,065.84 + $82.03 bounty
  5. ThomiDaHomi (Germany) $2,224.87 + $501.54 bounty

Poland’s ratajpoker wins Event#3 and collected $45,797

A Poland’s professional poker player ratajpoker has won the Event#3 of TCOOP 2017 at PokerStars. The player collected the first prize of amount $45,797.35 in a three way deal which took place among top three remaining players.

Pur3decided of United Kingdom completed his game being at second position and made $36,743.06 from the game, while third place belongs tPoland’s ratajpoker wins Event#3 and collected $45,797o a player from Brazil named AcesPheres. He is a well-known player here for the site. He pocketed 33,917.54 being third.

The event#3 was $80 buy-in No Limit Turbo event, which receved 4,944 entratns from the world and generated a total prize pool of amount $370,800. Out of all top 620 players collected some amount of money.

Final result for Event#3 of TCOOP 2017:-

1.ratajpoker (Poland) *$45,797.35
2. pur3decided (United Kingdom) *$36,743.06
3. AcesPheres (Brazil) *33,917.54
4. Jesper8 (Netherlands) $18,654.68
5. gunnersfun (Ukraine) $13,190.83
6. IAmSoSo (Sweden) $9,327.32
7. YerSoLucky (Ireland) $6,595.41
8. daskalos20 (Cyprus) $5,663.66
9. petrios1980 (Greece) $3,297.67