Netherlands Hakim Zoufri wins 2016 Master Classic Amsterdam for €275,608

By | November 28, 2016

netherlands-hakim-zoufri-wins-2016-master-classic-amsterdam-for-e275608The 2016 Master Classic of Poker Championship Amsterdam goes to a pro poker player from Netherlands. The winner collected the first prize of amount Hakim Zoufri from the tournament.

German Fabio Sperling was the runner up of the game and made sure to collect a good total of amount €184,820 as wining share.

The latest poker championship attracted 356 players from all across Netherlands and Europe but it was Hakim Zoufri, who made a difference by ultimately winning this title in a close heads up clash. The tournament had a gurantee prize pool of amount €184,820.

This was the 25th anniversary of this prestigious Master Classic poker event and the Main Event of the tournament took place on Thursday but it needed another day to complete and it got closed on Friday night at 3 a.m.

The final table included some of notable players from Europe such as Charlie Carrel of United Kingdom, Rashed Zade from Netherlands, Fabio Sperling, Samuli Sipila and Ivan Arbatsky.

Final table took place and unfortunately it was UK’s Charlie Carrel got busted from the table of becoming the champion for €27,349.

Netherland’s Rashed Zade was the next player who got out and ook home a good €33,411 as winning share of eighth position.

Seventh and sixth positions belong to players from Michiel Brosky from netherelands who got €41,447 and Samuli Sipila from Finland who received €52,584 from the poker championship.

Fifth, fourth and third positions of 2016 master poker champion Amsterdam belong to players from Romania (Stefan Fabian, €68,514), Juha Helppi from Finland €92,057 and Ivan Arbatsky from Kazachstan      €128,147.

Meanwhile the heads up round took place among top two remaining players from Netherlands and Germany and they were Hakim Zoufri.

Zoufri earned €275,608 from the tournament and of real poker online, whereas German Fabio Sperling comes second and collected €184,820.