Online poker bankroll strategy

By | July 24, 2015

One of the most important factors of being a successful poker player is to maintain a great poker bankroll management. Being a newbie if you ever ask a pro poker player that what is the main key to become successful as a player? He or she would definitely say to you about the bankroll management. It is the most important factor for sure. Practicing to maintain a great bankroll will never go against you and believe me it will only help you to become a successful player.

That is why I thought that I should add some impressive values to your playing skills by writing some real good stuff about online poker bankroll management. I just hope you to learn the basics and follow the steps to do well at any online poker site to which you have made your account for real money gambling.

The first thing first is: – Your bankroll should be for poker only and it should be an affordable one so that even if you lose it you don’t get panic. It is very crucial and a big rule for any successful poker player who have played and won hundreds and thousands of dollars at the internet.

In simple words “Bankroll management is an idea to manage your bankroll”. This is a management which takes to a certain level of gambling so that you can avoid any losing afterwards. Many people do not take this seriously and they just lose all their money by playing many unreal hands and having high level of immaturity.

A good bankroll management will be 20 or 25 times of the total buy in that you are going to spend in any tournament. It means in a No Limit game like $1/$2 where the maximum buy in is $100 you should maintain your bankroll to up to $2000.

Whereas in the Limit game of $1/$2, it can be up to 200 times, which means you should have a bankroll at least $400.

Here are some more important tips about managing a great bankroll management:-

The game selection is important and plays a crucial role: – The title says it all. You should be selective and choosy. You just can’t play each and every poker hand. It will not be a good idea for you. Maintaining this will certainly help you to go further.

Many people think that they don’t even need a bankroll: – It is very untrue and can be devastating for a newbie player like you. Bankroll plays a very important role. Using a good bankroll will not only be very specific for you but will also gets you on your toes. This will help you to avoid any big loss.

For professional poker player who played many games and live tournaments online, they should have a bigger bankroll for their good shake.

You can go with a bigger Bankroll only if known the facts: – Some players want to have their bankroll big as they love to play each and every hand and some just don’t want to do this as they are not regular guy. So the question is who is right?

In my opinion both one…… if you think you are good and should go bigger and larger you can do without any problem but just avoid it until you becomes a perfect one.

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