Online Poker industry in UK, EU and US

By | May 17, 2015

It is a very well know fact that the online gambling market is worth $37 billion a year. This is hugh for players looking to make some money out of it. A total number of 85 countries have given internet gambling, an okay certificate.

In countries like UK and European Union, online poker is legal and millions of players from these regions are taking part to bet at their favorite games with the help of internet, computer, smart phones or other smart gadgets. A research has shown that there were 6.84 million of internet gamblers in EU in the year 2012 and the number is growing day by day.

The only country which has not legalized this kind of gaming is the United States of America but in some states of America online gaming is legal such as New Jersey.

Gambling is most popular among countries of EU such as Italy, UK and Germany whereas Britain has most successful portal and players who have won millions of dollars while playing at top notch real poker sites. According to European commission real money poker gaming is worth $14.7 billion these days.

Some of the suits are filed in the US courts by the online gambling companies to legalize the process in a good manner and proper hearing is going on every month.

Some of the US States which are good and are legal for the US players are Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey these portals were approved in the year 2013 and some of the states are in queue to legalize online gambling.

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You can also take help of your mobile phone to enjoy the game of luck/strategy and could make lots of real money without leaving your own house or office. You should do some homework before you tending to make money games at free or no deposit poker sites which would help in terms of knowing the realistic information regarding playings.