Online Poker Ranking: Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez #1 and C Darwin2#2

By | January 15, 2017

Online Poker Ranking: Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez #1 and C Darwin2#2Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez of Uruguay is still at#1 spot among online poke player rankling. He is now at number 1 position since last 14 weeks and no one is looking to cross him.

Despite just five cashes in last week Gonzalez continue to be the winner with total 8,656.12 points. Swedish C Darwin2 is at #2 spot with total 8,222.57 scoring pints.

No major changes have been recorded from last week to this week and only change in the list is for 10th place, whereas currently UK’s Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford is sitting around with total 6,546.74 points. ‘1_conor_b_1’ was at 11th place last week and has got a jump of one spot in overall ranking.

Bulgarian Alex ‘alexd2’ Dimitrov is at #3 spot, he was at number third position last week with total 8,043.79 points. He is not much behind second position holder and if he plays well this week, he can do a better than this.

Fourth place is a pro poker player from Sweden named lena900 with total 7,836.40 score points.

Joao Mathias ‘joaomathias’ Baumgarten of Brazil is at #5 places and he has total 7,613.24 points with him.

Sixth, seventh and eighth positions of top10 online poker player ranking belongs to professional poker players from Hungary and Sweden. Hungarian Andras ‘probirs’ Nemeth is at sixth place with total 7,138.90 points; whereas Anton ‘AnteSvante’ Wigg and Andreas’ r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren bother from Sweden have 7,124.03 and 6,752.17 points with them.

Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard, a player from Newcastle, United Kingdom holds ninth rank for him. He has 6,587.01 points for his #9th place.

Meanwhile Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford, a player from York, United Kingdom is at 10th. ‘1_conor_b_1’ did well in last week and collected good number of points from different online poker tournaments and that made him to enter to the golden club of top 10 online poker players of the world.