Phil Hellmuth launched

By | August 14, 2015

The living legend and an American professional poker player Mr. Phil Hellmuth has launched his first ever channel named Phil has been a winner always as WSOP and has won 14 World Series of poker tournaments gold bracelet. “The poker Brat TV” had a very good viewership for the game played by the phil.

He enjoyed playing games there for a stake of $100 against super opponents and some tough names of poker such as Brian Hastings, Bill lee and others. The channel got thousands of views within no time.

Here is a short note about Phil Hellmuth, the man of poker:-

A player from Palo Alto, California Phil is one of the world’s best poker players. He knows what he is doing at the time he sitting at the poker table. His stats tell about his such as: –

Total WSOP Bracelet winnings for him are fourteen whereas total WSOP cashes are about 114, which is simply more than awesome. Playing at World Series of poker tournaments or at WSOP event, the total earning he made is $13,533,523.

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Hellmuth is all time poker player leader. He is the one who can beat anyone in the world and has got so much popularity among others. Because of his popularity in poker players he has launched the channel. Right in the beginning of the channel he got more than ten thousands followers and hundreds of thousands of views.

He always chats, even when he is sitting at table and playing for the big blinds. The chatting and storytelling makes him a more popular persona in such gambling action. That is why he is one of the favorite among other poker players.

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