Play for $500,000 Guaranteed Sundays @ America’s Cardroom, buy in is just $250+$20

By | October 15, 2015

America’s cardroom presents Million Dollar Sundays for their players looking to play for more real money. TheAmericas cardroom $500,000 guaranteed is being a big hit among all the real money poker players in and around the world. Players from all across America (where online poker is Legal) and from all other places of the world including Canada, England, European Union (Italy, Germany, Ireland, France etc…) are checking out such Hugh opportunity to make some real good money for them. You should also check out the big million dollar Sundays, currently in process at America’s cardroom.

The two big Sundays of $100,000 Guaranteed prize each are around and they would be held at October 25th, November 1. The final Million dollars Sunday of $500,000 will be held at November 8. A great news for professional poker players like you is that the buy in for those three super Sundays are slashed down and they are now available for a very good price of $250+$20.

This is simply great. You don’t need to go to any other place to check out any nominal guaranteed cash prizes. Play for big and win big. The fundamental of the tournament is to give you proper and real chance to make big money while you are at this great poker portal. The portal is doing perfect and is getting great responses by players and winners.

You can directly participate by choosing a buy in of $250+$20 to million dollar Sundays or you can also be a part of super Sundays using these following means:-

Freebuy, Daily and super Satellites (There is hugh schedule to choose from)

Mega Satellite (to which 300 seats awarded Friday-Sunday)

Jackpot poker (It will cost you just $1)

Spin to get In (Will cost just one cent)

If you are a new player and looking to play for real big money, here is the place to join. At America’s Cardroom you would get 100% deposit bonus or up to $1000 of first deposit bonus for free. Check this out and play for big….