Plen01 holds #1 Spot among Top 10 UK Online Poker Player Ranking

By | January 4, 2017

Plen01 holds #1 Spot among Top 10 UK Online Poker Player Ranking Plen01 is at number#1 spot among top 10 United Kingdom Poker Players list. He has total 6,547.47 points in the first week of January 2017, while his biggest score is 774.83 pints.

He won an amount of $ 238.02, while playing at hot $55 buy-in, $35K guaranteed PokerStars, where he finished at 22nd position.

LUDOVI333 is at second position among online UK poker player raking in the first week of New Year. He has total 6,273.12 points with him according to pocket fives, whereas his biggest score is 527.07. He won $12,506 while playing at PokerStars $215 buy-in, $40K guaranteed on January 3rd.

LUDOVI333 another poker pro from the United Kingdom holds third place for total 6,273.12 points. His biggest score is 1,035.57 points and his last poker cash was on January 1st, 2017 where he won an amount of $402 for his 44yh place.

The buy in was $109, and tournament was Sunday Cool down of PokerStars.

MALAKASTYLE is at fourth place with total 5,715.79 points. His largest score while playing poker is 460.18, while is average point is 142.89.

PHILROYAL888 is fifth place with total 5,566.66 points. His biggest point is 220.52. Meanwhile sixth, seventh and eighth positions among top 10 UK online Poker player rankings belongs to players named as MOORMAN1 (5,239.42), 3BUNPASS (5,002.12), and LUCKYFISH89 (4,884.58) and their biggest poker scores are 266.16, 418.93, 659.95.

TheSquid is at #9 spot with total 4,749.42 poinrs. His biggest score is 284.11 and avegare is 118.74. Last event for the british poker player was at €10,000 Sunday Drive on StanJames Poker (Jan 2nd), where he finished at 8th place for a total $ 398.60. The buy-in was $116.

Last but not the least EzGame89 is at number#10 spot among top 10. He has total 4,730.47 points and biggest is 275.71. The player participated in PokerStars Big $215 buy-in $40K Guaranteed (Jan 3rd), where he finished 13th and pocketed $766.97.