Poker Tournaments

As a sincere poker player you would always look for the poker tournaments. It can be a tough job for you to get the best of the related information at one click and that is why we have managed/compiled a real data about poker tournaments of the world for people like you so that you can enjoy the game of lady luck and strategy. We have managed here a list of top notch tournaments/championships of poker that contains lots and lots of great cash prizes and are open for all the players in the world.

So if you really are a serious contender then you should read the below information/post carefully which would lead you to a good player without any doubt.

World poker tour: – This is one of the biggest and largest even which offers Hugh prize for their players. It is very popular throughout. The tournament is a Hugh success and takes place every year. In the year 2014 this particular event took place in Atlantic City.

World Series of poker (WSOP):– The next largest poker tournament is World Series of poker. This is also a Hugh tournament and is very popular among players from all around the world. It is very unique and some of the world’s best poker players have participated in these tournaments and have won millions of dollars. This tournament takes place every year as well.

In the decade of 80s the Super bowl of poker was one of the most popular and sophisticated tournaments in this game.

European poker tour or (EPT) is one of the most popular tournaments in Europe. Founded in 2004 this great event has so much for everyone and millions of the winner. With the advantage of winning Hugh cash prize this is one of the most played tournaments as well.

Asia pacific poker tour or APPT is also one of the largest poker tournaments these days. This event takes place in Macau

Latin American poker tour is or (LAPT) is also very famous and popular tournament especially in Argentina.

Caribbean poker tour is our next poker tournament. The event got Hugh success.

Our next championship is Crown Australian Poker Champion: – This particular championship is also known as Aussie millions. With the prize of millions of dollars thousands of players take part in such event. This is one of the biggest and largest events in pacific region.

One more championship held in Atlantic City America is The United States Poker championship. This championship was broadcasted by ESPN.

You know these days when internet has made its place to each of the home and gamblers do not wish to go out for any kind of playing it is also good to check out internet poker tournaments which can be found at plenty of sires. This site of mine also contains some real money poker sites for you to have a look. Just click to them and you will find out some great live tournaments and real cash prizes to win. The world championship of online poker is always there for great players like you.