Poker Tours and Tournaments

By | May 21, 2015

Being a poker player you would always look forward to get the best of it. If you are a serious guy in terms of playing online poker then you will certainly look for the upcoming poker tours and tournaments so that you could prepare for those tournaments and do your best at the table of the games. You know there are lots of things to do in the game if you are a guy looking for real money while you are gambling. I am going to mention some of the top notch poker tournaments for you to check out and know about them. I am pretty sure that you would love this article after reading everything regarding our favorite games and tournaments. The list starts as follows:-

WSOP (World Series of poker):- The WSOP is world leading poker tournaments going on since four decades. This is the most popular tournaments among real money players. The tournament first took place in the year 1970s at Horseshoe casino Las Vegas and since then the game and the tournament is one of the favorite for all the poker players throughout the world. It has got massive amount of growth since then and nowadays is perfect place to gamble.

World Series of Poker Europe; – This tournament is very popular among people of Europe. One can play for real money and could win hundreds of thousands of dollars if playing well and according to their plan and strategy. The next tournament is:-

World Series of Asia-pacific: – In the Asia-pacific region the tournament has its own rights. It means if you belong to any countries which come under Asia-pacific region you can take your guard on for the tournament to make lots and lots of dollars.

European Poker tour: РThe EPT is Europe’s largest tournaments in terms of poker games. This is the richest and most popular in EU countries.

Latin American Poker tour:- LAPT is started as a tournament by poker stars in the year 2008 and players from all Latin countries including Brazil, Argentine, Chile, Peru and others can take part.

Asia pacific Poker Tour or APPT is also started by the great Poker stars for players belonging to the Asia and pacific region. They host 14 tournaments to 6 different places and that is why it is so Hugh and popular.

Hollywood poker Open is one another tournament for poker players which are very popular. People have won thousands of dollars while playing at this top class tournaments.

UK Poker tour: – among many others poker tournaments the UPT has its own place. Players from United Kingdom region and Ireland can take part in such legal tournaments and could win thousands of dollars.

Aussie Millions: – The poker tournament Aussie million is one of the most richest and popular tournament among Asia-pacific region. One can say that this tournament is a great festival for the players. There are basically twenty separate events goes on of the buy-in starting from AUD $1,000 to AUD$ 2, 50,000.

There are many others tournaments are also hosted by different companies throughout the world for the real money poker players like you and if you are a regular guy at top UK poker sites you would know what they are. Happy online gambling.