Pokerstars Celebrating 100 Million Players, win your share of Millions prize pool

Pokerstars 100 Million playersThe premier online poker portal i.e. pokerstars is celebrating its 100 Million players, from around the world since they are in the business nearly (15 years) and to celebrate the Milestone, they are giving you the chance to participate and win your share of Millions of dollars prize pool tournaments categorized as VIP Steps Challenges (February 1-14), PokerStars Milestone Challenges (February 15-29) and $100,000 Added VIP Club Tournament (February 27).

This February, you will have a chance to grab/win your share of 100 million StarsCoins. To take part in this VIP challenge, just open your Challenges window and click start.

There basically two VIP steps challenges available. In VIP Steps Challenge 1, you can win up to $1,000,000 StarsCoin if completing 3 VIP Steps, whereas at the VIP Steps Challenge 2, you can win up to 2,000,000 StarsCoin coins, if completing 10 VIP Steps.

If you do not have your pokerstars account, make one right now.

Being an online poker player is great and playing real money poker games, especially at world’s leading portal is more than awesome.


VIP Steps Challenges (Feb 1-14):- you will continue to the VIP Steps Challenges, if you are playing real money poker games at the first two weeks of the February.

PokerStars Milestone Challenges: – Because of pokerstars is celebrating its 100 Million real money players, they have decided to give you more than you ever thought. You can win cash up to $100,000 every day from February 15-29. You will find one gold and one silver challenge available to your account every Day and to complete the challenge you will have 24 hours.

On February 27, 2016, you can play for a special VIP Club Tournament of $100,000. The buy in for the event is 50 Starscoin.