Polish Jakab Michalak wins €10K Single Re-entry for 178,403 at EPT13 Malta

By | October 25, 2016

Polish Jakab Michalak wins €10K Single Re-entry for 178,403 at EPT13 MaltaThe €10K buy in single entry No Limit Hold’em of European poker tour#13 Malta belongs to a pro poker player of Poland named Jakub ‘Olorionek’ Michalak. He pocketed an amount of €178,403 as first prize.

The event took place on October 24, 2016, which received 64 entries (20 re entrants) from world renowned poker players and generated an amount of €814,800 as total prize pool, which was distributed to only top 11 players.

It just took less than 12 hours of play to decide who is the winer of the championship and it was Poland’s Jakab Michalak , who by all means did a superb job and collected the trophy of the championship.

Italian Rocco Palumbo becomes the runner up after a deal took place among top three players. He collected €138,763 from the tournament, while an English professional poker player Charlie Carrel becomes third position holder in the event who took home an impressive €170,754 as winning share.

Jakub Michalak played final table of the WCOOP Main Event, but here he created history by winning one of the most prestigious title of the poker world i.e. at a title at European poker tour Malta.

Steve O’Dwyer, the winner of the last year’s same event was the man who busted to 10th position for  €20,400. The Irish man didn’t do the same as he did a year ago, while it was a tough day for Romanian Pasquale Grimaldi, who got busted to 12th position for without any money.

Final table of top nine players was:-

  1. Behzad Ahadpour – 525,000
  2. Rocco Palumbo – 660,000
  3. Pratyush Buddiga – 1.38 million
  4. Morten Mortensen – 285,000
  5. Jakub Michalak – 1.31 million
  6. Scott Seiver – 975,000
  7. Orpen Kisacikoglu – 305,000
  8. Charlie Carrel – 2.44 million
  9. Adrian Mateos – 520,000

Eliminations from final table:-

The first player hit the rail was Morten Mortensen of Denmark, who pocketed €23,200 and completed his journey at ninth place.

Eight, seventh and sixth places were for Spanish Adrian Mateos, who made €30,550, Pratyush Buddiga of United States who made €39,100 and Bahzad Ahadpour from Iran, who took home €49,700.

Fifth, fourth positions belongs to Scott Seiver of USA who made €63,550 and Orpen Kisacikoglu of turkey who made €80,250 from the tournament.

Meanwhile after this no one busted till many hands and that’s when top or remaining three players decided to go for a deal. Charlie Carrel had the chip lead with 3.66 million and it was decided that he will take home 170,754, while Italian Rocco Palumbo earned €138,763 whereas Polish Jakab Michalak collected €178,403 being champion.