Qui Nguyen leads the final three of WSOP Main Event Final Table

By | November 1, 2016

Qui Nguyen leads the final three of WSOP Main Event Final TableDay 2 of the world series of poker Main event final table started with five players remaining in the play. The five player who started playing on Day 2 were Qui Nguyen of united States, Cliff Josephy of united States and Gordon Vayo another pro poke player from united states, Vojtěch Růžička and Michael Ruane.

These five players out of final nine participants survived for second day of the play. Meanwhile before this, on Day 1 a total of Four players who couldn’t make themselves to the second day of the play were Kenny Haellart, Fernando Pons, Griffin Benger and Jerry Wong.

The first player who got busted from the final table on Day 2 was Vojtěch Růžička. He was out of the game by Nguyen’s aggressive play. Ruane was looking good at the table once but couldn’t last long against Nguyen’s raise from the button.

He earned $1,935,288 for his 5th place finish after many great hands and blinds which taken place at the final table.

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With Růžička out, there were four players remained in the game and they were all eyeing for the championship title. They played aggressively well and didn’t even take a break until another player hit the rail named Michael Ruane.

Though Ruane was not far behind than opponents and was just behind 25 big blinds to Cliff Josephy, but he never got things in his favor and the result was he busted to fourth place for $2,576,003.

After Ruane’s elimination, no casualty took place and all three remaining players survived for the final day of the game. The final day will decide the champion of this prestigious poker festival.

The three remained players are Qui Nguyen of United States, who had 197,600,000 in chips with him being at seat#1, Cliff Josephy, who has 50,000,000 in chips being at seast#2 and Gordon Vayo, who has 89,000,000 in chips with him being at seat#3.