Rainman751 Wins $1 Million in just four Hands at $100 Spin & Go

By | February 11, 2016

Rainman751 wins $1 Million for an investement of $100 Spin & GoRainman751, A Russian poker pro and football lover is the new champ of PokerStars 2016 Spin & Go. He created history by winning this $1 Million Prize by playing just four hands. Believe me just four hands made him the champion of 2016 Spin & Go.

The 25 year old guy is a pro poker player and loves to play football and chess in his free time. He decided to participate in $100 Buy in Spin & Go Millionaire Maker and tops the field size. He has a keen interest in economics as well.

“It was simply incredible” to win this kind of tournament in just four hands. I decided to play the $100 Spin & Go and was amused to see that my Pony Avatar which is that’s Princess Luna for the uninitiated landed on a hugh $1 Million Jackpot Table, Rainman751 said in an interview.

It was the fastest ever million dollars Spin & Go tournament, which took less than two minutes of the play to decide. It is incredible and simple as it looks Rainman751 added.

Canadian Kman_AP2 and Mexican pablotenisis were the runner up of the event by taking down $100,000 of cash prize.

Here is other poker players who have won Millions:-

  • Rainman751 from Russia won $1 Million at $100 Tournament on 7 February 2016.
  • GrindHeaps of Australia did well at $100 Tournament and won $1 Million.
  • ifipushud325 of Australia won $5 buy in tournament and took home $1 Million on October 28.
  • Prophethicks of England won $5 tournament for $1 Million on October 25.
  • Samara Lúcio of Brazil won $1 Million for just $5 buy in on October 21.

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