Romanian Dannyz0r wins 11-27-2016 Sunday Million event on for $143,420

By | November 28, 2016

romanian-dannyz0r-wins-11-27-2016-sunday-million-event-on-for-143420An online poker player from Romania Dannyz0r is the latest winner of Pokerstars Sunday Million took place on 11-27-2016. The winner pocketed a good total of amount $143,420.37 as first prize.

Greek player Ekmalian becomes runner up of the game and made $100,645 from the event. The tournament received 5,038 entries and generated $1,007,600 as total prize pool. Top 692 places of the game took home some amount of money.

The final table of this particular Sunday Million included top 9 remaining players. Zolta3D was the last man who got bused and couldn’t make to the final table.

 The final table was as follows:-

Seat 1: Terao90, a player from Brazil (4,530,410 in chips), a player from Belgium pczxmg was at seat#2 with total (3,861,118 in chips) and AerodynAmiKK of Denmark was at seat#3 with total 3,573,518 in chips.
Seat#4, seat#5 and seat#6 were for players named as: glupakat (3,536,104 in chips), Ekmalian (6,225,350 in chips) and impact69 (3,879,840 in chips).

Whereas seat#7, seat#8 and seat#9 of the final table was for Dannyz0r of Romania (10,930,420 in chips), limonadik586 of Russia (6,411,147 in chips) and for United Kingdom’s el kudos (7,432,093 in chips).

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First elimination from the game was of a player from Denmark named AerodynAmiKK, who received an amount of $8,436 being at ninth position, while next man hit the rail was Mexico’s impact69 for $12,021. He got out just after a few hands took place.

Seventh, sixth and fifth positions of the Sunday Million goes to UK’s el kudos who received $17,130 for seventh, glupakat of Bulgaria who made $24,410, and pczxmg of Belgium who got $34,783 as winning total.

Brazilian Terao90 was able to make $49,565.95 from this tournament and was satisfied being fourth place.

Top three positions were for Dannyz0r of Denmark who won the championship title for $143, 4200, Ekmalian of Greece who made $100,645 for second place, and finally Russian limonadik586 earned $70,629 from the game.

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