Russian Poker Ranking site MacroPoker will host 2016 online poker awards

By | November 15, 2016

russian-ranking-site-macropoker-will-host-2016-online-poker-awardsA Russian online poker result tracking website MacroPoker is about to host 2016 online poker awards. This would be the world’s first ever online poker award by site which will produce greater results.

The online poker site will host the award for 10 general categories and some of the categories are like Best High Stakes MTT Player, Best Middle Stakes MTT Player, Best Low Stakes MTT Player, Best SNG Player, Discovery of the Year, Player with the Highest Profit and Best HU Player.

Some other categories of the online poker awards are “legend of poker” and best caster. This is awarded to the most successful tournament player since 2012

These awards will be distributed to online poker players from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania, Australia, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine and Greece.

MacroPoker site database will be used to distribute winners of their respective categories, and hence there may some problem occurs because of the lack of the information on the site regarding online poker players.

One of the example why I’m saying this because the site currently names a Greek player Damianos ‘damourinio’ Aslandis at the top of High Stakes MTT Player race, which is ahead of Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19′ Gonzalez.

So it would be a very nice thing that MacroPoker makes the changes before this poker award takes place.  The award will be broadcasted live on Twitch on 17 Dec 2016.