Russian Pro SupaJah wins 7/26/16 super Tuesdays for $70k

By | July 28, 2016

Russian SupaJah wins super Tuesdays for $70kRussian pro poker player named SupaJah wins latest Super Tuesday event played on PokerStars on 7/26/2016 and collected the first prize of amount $69,954. The event is a $1,050 buy in No Limit Hold’em, which received 386 entries and generated a prize pool of amount $386,000. Top 55 places of the game took home some amount of money as cash prize.

The final table was decided after almost nine hours of game took place at the table and it was like follows:-

Seat31, seat#2 and seat33 were for SiiliSuhonen from Finland having 534,570 chips, Keiruja of United Kingdom having 1,103,214 chips and Kent “ForzaVaxholm” Lundmark from sweedon having 847,615 chip counts.

Seat34, seat#5 and #6 were for Australin NOBBSY_8 with 569,228 chips, droulis9 of Cyprus 565,824 chips and CrownUpGay from United Kingdom having 688,462 chip counts.

Russian SupaJah was at seat37 with total 2,808,499 chips, Indian Shashank “felter1989” Jain was at seat38 with total 1,456,937 chip counts and edudrake1987 from Brazil had 1,075,651 points.

First elimination was of Australian NOBBSY_8, who made $5,960 from the table and then goes SiiliSuhonen of finland with amount $8,109.04 for eighth position.

Swedish Kent “ForzaVaxholm” Lundmark was able to do good but somehow got busted to seventh position for a total share $11,032,whereas Brazilian edudrake1987 collected $15,009 being sixth.

Five handed game included players like CrownUpGay of UK collected $20,419 and booked for fifth place, Shashank “felter1989” Jain from India collected $27,780 being fourth, Keiruja of UK collected $37,794 being third player of the match.

The heads up wan in between SupaJah, who had 5,803,392 chips along with him and droulis9 of Cyprus who had 3,846,608.

First 15 minutes of the game was for the winner of the game i.e. Supajah. He kept his momentum up till the end of the game and was able to collect the first prize of amount which was $69,954, meanwhile the runner up collected $51,418.