Russia’s tolstiykry wins first Sunday Million event of 2017 for $178,747.90

By | January 4, 2017

Russia’s tolstiykry wins first Sunday Million event of 2017 for $178,747.90The first Sunday Million event of the year 2017 belongs to a pro poker player from Russia named tolstiykry.

The player collected a whooping first prize of amount $178,747.90 and the title of the championship as well after fourteen hours of play.

The tournament is a big hit among players. Latest title received 6,289 entries (5,283 unique + 1,006 re-entries0 and generated $1,257,800 as total prize pool.

Top 872 positions of the match were paid out. Despite there were plenty of real good players participating at the final table and some were experienced ones, but tolstiykry did the job and pocketed the title.

Final table includes players like Seat 1: geo4ever89 of Romania (5,931,759 in chips), Seat 2: Aftret of Norway (2,171,738 in chips) and Seat 3: wonderboy_pl of Poland (5,059,870 in chips).

Seat#4,seat#5 and seat#6 were for players from  Canada, Finland and Russia and they were ACNRULES (10,889,961 in chips), mahmuttt88 (7,339,335 in chips) and tolstiykry (21,745,956 in chips).

Seat 7: bob43155 (4,732,476 in chips), Seat 8: artdav2010 (2,828,801 in chips) and Seat 9: Similarities (2,190,104 in chips).

Netherland’s Flamboyantz existed to 873rd place and he couldn’t qualify for money the final table the first player who hit the rail was Canadian Similarities. He made $8,937 from the game and completed his game at ith plac.

Eight, seventh and sixth places were for players named as mahmuttt88 (Finland) $12,996.84, artdav2010 (Russia) $18,900.20 and Aftret (Norway) $27,484.81.

Meanwhile top five positions include winner, runner-up and other three players. Fifth place was for ACNRULES (Canada) $39,968.73, Romanian geo4ever89 was at fourth place with total $58,123.06, while Polish wonderboy_pl won $58,123 from event and booked at third place.

A pro from Meico bob43155 becomes runner-up in a heads up against tolstiykry and he made $122,915.10 from the tournament.

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