Sam Panzica wins world poker tour’s bestbet Bounty for $354,335

By | October 19, 2016

Sam Panzica wins world poker tour’s bestbet Bounty for $354,335The latest champion of world poker tour’s bestbet Bounty Scramble main event is Sam Panzica, who pocketed $354,335 and the trophy of the prestigious championship.

This was the Season XV WPT bestbet Bounty poker championship which attracted 379 players, but it was Panzica who made no mistakes and won the prestigious title for the first time in his poker career.

Panzica just not pocketed the first prize of the championship, but he also got his seat booked at the season-ending Tournament of Champions for free.

The final table of the WPT championship included players like Ankush Mandavia, a pro from who had played and won various poker tournaments, Paul Balzano, Noah Schwartz, Richard Malone Jr and Tyler Patterson.

First elimination was of Paul Balzano, who got busted from the table by taking out $64,183 as winning share. He was at sixth position. Panzica made Paul Balzano to hit the rail at the very beginning of the final table.

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Just before the completion of the second orbit Noah Schwartz hit the rail, because of Malone’s stack. He went out for the fifth position and had $77,499 with him when eliminated.

Tyler Patterson was the next man who hit the rail to fourth place. He made $100,643 from the tournament. Patterson was playing good and was looking to win his second world poker tour title at this championship, but couldn’t be able to convert it to the title. He went down to fourth place.

Malone knocked out another player from the table and it was Ankush Mandavia, who made $152,766 and was fixed at third place.

The heads up of the match was among top two remaining players and they were Sam Panzica and Richard Malone Jr. It took many hours and at least 145 hands of play to decide whether Panzica or Malone Jr will be the winner of the championship.

Despite being down to 10-1 in chips during heads-up play Sam Panzica bounced back in the game and took home the title for $354,335, while Richard Malone Jr becomes runner up for $237,616.