Second WCOOP Title for Mexico’s bob43155 in a week for $64,081

By | September 25, 2016

Second WCOOP Title for Mexico’s bob43155 in a week for $64,081This seems to be a great week for the Mexico native player bob43155, because he has won his second event in this week of WCOOP 2016.

The first event won by him at WCOOP 2016 was event#54 or Sunday Million special edition, where he collected $407,633 as first prize by beating 1,304 players on the board.

The latest event belongs to him is event#69 of world championship of online poker, which was a $700 buy in No Limit Hold’em tournament with 6 max players and 5 stacks.

The event attracted 764 players and generated $508,060 as total prize pool, which easily surpass the $300,000 Guarantee. Out of 764 players top 95 places received some amount of money as winning share.

The format of the game was to provide five virtual stacks of chip worth 10,000 each to participants and it is up to the players how they will use the chip stacks in the game.

Day 1 saw 28 levels of play and 73 players remained in the business on the end of the day1, while day 2 included some of the top poker players such as Liv Boeree, a Team PokerStars Pro.

It took few hours to decide the final table of top six players in the game which was as follows:-

were for bob43155, a player from Mexico with total 3,591,618 in chips was at seat#1, KissMyAcePlz, a player from Finland was at seat#2 with total 3,708,306 in chips and Bulgarian Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov was at seat#3 with total 9,729,666 in chips.

Seat#4,seat#5 and seat#6 belongs to players from Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom and they were Godfatti (3,898,521 in chips), Raizzz (3,126,138 in chips) and Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg (14,145,751 in chips).

The final table started with blinds 62,500/125,000 with a 1,625 ante.

Final six Players and their Payouts for Event#69 of WCOOP 2016:-

  1. bob43155 (Mexico) $64,081.78*
    2. Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg (United Kingdom) $66,511.79*
    3. Raizzz (Belgium) $52,010.96*
    4. Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov (Bulgaria) $25,864.11
    5. Godfatti (Netherlands) $17,312.60
    6. KissMyAcePlz (Finland) $11,588.49
    *Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $10,161 in play for the winner