snapcall419 from Canada pocketed $137,089 from latest Sunday Million

By | August 16, 2016

snapcall419 from Canada pocketed $137,089 from latest Sunday MillionAn online poker player from Canada named snapcall419, won the latest Sunday million event played on PokerStars. The winner took home an amount of $137,089 as winning prize. The latest event of Sunday Million was played on 14th August 2016, and attracted 5,256 players from around the world. Total prize pool for the event $1,051,200, which was distributed to top 728 finishers of the game.

German professional pro $trateGema, who came third in last week’s Sunday million event, kept his position same (third0 for this particular event and made $73,639.

The final table of the game was set after a few hours of play, which was as follows:-

Seat#1, seats#2 and seat#3 were for $trateGema (12,862,334 chips), viirusss (3,999,103 chips), and DrAnubis (7,137,934 in chips).

Seat#4, seat#5 and seat#6 were for XTheDecanoX, LukeN73 and JGagMan. They had 6,115,290, 6,474,036 and 3,766,716 in chips along with them.

Meanwhile seat#7, seat#8 and seat#9 were for lipeabruzzi (2,530,953 in chips), Sexy Bieber (4,101,160 in chips) and snapcall419 (5,572,474 in chips).


The first elimination from the final table was of a player from Canada named JGagMan, who made $8,795 from the tournament and secured ninth place.

Eighth, seventh and sixth places of the game were for Another Canadian Sexy Bieber (8th, for 12,533), Brazilian Thiago “xTheDecanox” Nishijima for $17,860 and LukeN73 from Czech Republic, who made $25,450.

Five handed game had players like DrAnubis of Germany ($36,266), lipeabruzzi (Brazil, $51,678 finished to fourth) and $trateGema of Germany who made $73,639.

The heads up round was played among Seat 2: viirusss and Seat 9: snapcall419. Viirusss had 26,585,921 in chips and snapcall419 had 25,974,079 chips.

snapcall419 had Q♦Q♥, and viirusss hands was 5♣5♦ . The board was 8♠4♦2♠K♣J♥. It means snapcall419 was the winner of the game and earned $137,089.