Some of the Largest Online poker Pots played in 2015

By | December 31, 2015

The year 2015 saw some largest online poker pots played. These pots were mainly focused on games such as Pot Pot Limit OmahaLimit Omaha to which a Swedish poker pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom did really well by winning more than $2 Million to his own. Blom was involved in almost every high limit pots played at internet.

Blom proved that he is the one who can change the game and can win big money at internet. One of the largest pots to Blom participated and won was worth $365,895 and played at Aug, 25.

Another online poker player Phil Ivey participated to some of the largest pots played online but unfortunately he lost almost $3.7 Million in 2015.

Top 10 Largest Pots took Place at internet in 2015:-

1st:- The big pot size of $365,895 took place in August for $200-$400 PLO. Blom done everything right till the end and held 91% of time. The runner up of the event was Rafael.

2nd:-The second big pot of amount size $346,422 for $200-$400 PLO was played between Victor Blom and JayP-AA (an unknown player) to which JayP called with Aces and won a massive $142,000.

3rd:- The third biggest pot of $304,317 played in late March between Blom and Carlooo13 for $300-$600 PLO.

4th: – The fourth largest pot of $298,285 played in October between Phil Ivey and Tollerene. Tollerene did well and received $127,000.

5th: – This pot was for $296,091. It was the first No Limit Hold’em game for $200-$400. Phil Ivey did well and got the hand of $132,000 against his opponent OtB_RedBaron.

6th:- Number 6th largest pot played betweeOnline PLOn Sulsky and Blom. The pot was of $294,582 FOR $200-$400 PLO.

7th:- This Pot of $292,452 played among Blom and Doorbread at $250-$500 PLO.

8th:- The Pot of $274,698 took place in between Blom and Rafael for $200-$400 and the game was Pot Limit Omaha.

9th:- Another Pot Size of $273,063 Played between Blom and Rafael in late August and the game was of $200 to $400 Pot Limit Omaha.

10th:- This pot of $271,632 played among three played Phil Ivey, Rafeal and JayP-AA. Rafeal book for $95,000, JayP-AA for $74,000 and Phil for raised to $35,200.