Steve O’Dwyer wins Top Prize at Naymar Jr. Home Game at EPT Barcelona

By | August 19, 2015

The European poker tour is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world. This is one of its kinds. They host lots and lots of great value poker tournaments for world poker players. Right now Naymer Jr. Home Game championship is currently going on at Barcelona.

This is season number 12 of the European poker tour. Currently 300 poker players are joining the venue for the same and looking forward to play real money games of by in €1,100. Everyone out there in the tournament has spent a total of €220 to join the great event.

Steve O’Dwyer gets top prize for the Naymar Jr. Home game championship currently underway at Barcelona for the EPT season number#12. The total number of the players for this particular event was 59 and Steve registered himself at 59th place, but after a few hours, he was the one who left with the top prize for the event which would be used for charity.

The event took place for a buy in of just €150 and of course the entry fee directed to the footballers charity account which intended to help children. Naymar Jr. is a big name in football and plays for his country “Brazil”.

Steve told reporters that he was just coming here to know that how things are going this particular year. Steve was very pleased that he got top prize for the event to which he was not intended to play or to participate.

The game was of course a very good start for the players trying to become a participant at the superb €1,100 Estrellas Main Event of the great European poker tour season#12 for this year. EPT is one of the most successful events/tournament hosted and presented by the Pokerstars. Almost every top player in the world tries to check his or her luck at this prestigious and valuable tournament every year.

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