TCOOP: WushuTM wins Event#19; thehushpuppy wins #20 and Purkenya wins #21

By | January 22, 2017

TCOOP: WushuTM wins Event#192017 Turbo championship of online poker is currently underway and result for event#19, #20 and #21 are out.

Austria’s Thomas ‘WushuTM’ Muhlocker won event#19 for a total $47,950, while thehushpuppy of UK won event#20 for $62,401.90 and Canadian Purkenya won event#21 for over $21,906.

Event#19 of the tournament was $82 buy-in No Limit Hold’em, Turbo, which attracted 5,167 (4,067 entries; 1,100 re-entries) and generated $387,525 as total prize pool. Top 620 places of the game took home some amount of money.

The winner of the match decided after a thre way deal took place among top three remained players.

Result of Event#19 of TCOOP 2017:-
1. Thomas ‘WushuTM’ Muhlocker (Austria) $47,950.05*
2. Eagle2319 (Belgium) $38,569.37*
3. Ringelsdorf (Mexico) $35,191.36*
4. Spider91_PL (Poland) $19,496.11
5. dh7889 (Germany) $13,785.81
6. hopelst757 (Russia) $9,748.03
7. EL GRAN TORO (Argentina) $6,892.90
8. tako1010 (Hungary) $4,874.01
9. andyfivefing (Norway) $3,446.61

Thehushpuppy of UK wins Event#20 of tournament:-

The tournament was $82 buy-in No limit Omaha of (6 max, Hyper turbo), which received 799 entries from players of across the world and Europe. The total prize pool generated for the event was $62,401, which was distributed among top 95 positions.

Event#20 of TCOOP 2017:-

1.thehushpuppy (United Kingdom) $10,592.44
2. Geraldo Cesar “GeraldoCesar” Neto (Brazil) $7,090.07
3. fronk_donk (Poland) $4,745.86
4. LucasBenetti (Brazil) $3,176.73
5. 4Kings_Hit (United Kingdom) $2,126.40
6. goa1908 (Greece) $1,423.34

Canada’s Purkenya wins event#21 of buy-in $27 NL Hold’em:-

Event#21 attracted 6,278 players and generated $154,124 as total prize pool. The prize distributed among final 872 finishers. The game was $27 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Saturday Special edition of $75,000 Guaranteed.Canada’s Purkenya wins event#21 of buy-in $27 NL Hold’em

Sweden’s smeltchoklad was first man to got busted from the final table. He collected $1,095 from the game for his ninth place, while either position goes to a pro poker player from Canada named cchen16 who made $1,592 from the game.

Brazil’s tavarez04 busted to fourth place for a total $2,315 and next to him was another Canadian player named chonseSTEE. He moved out from the table for sixth place for a total winning share of $3,367.

Event#21 of Turbo Championship of Online Poker 2017:-

1. Purkenya (Canada) $21,906.84
2. ongggg (Philippines) $15,061.43
3. mariojgua (Brazil) $10,357.08
4. Ramzey23 (Canada) $7,122.12
5. SexyFlush (Netherlands) $4,897.58