Thijs Menco of Netherlands wins WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam

By | May 10, 2017

Thijs Menco of Netherlands wins WPTDeepStacks AmsterdamA professional poker player from Netherlands named Thijs Menco has won the first event WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam, which concluded on Monday.

The winner pocketed a sum total of amount €73,239 from the tournament and topped a field of 243 players. Pim van Wassenberg concluded at second position and pocketed a total sum of amount €51,485 from the tournament.

Wassenberg is also from the same country. Third position of the match belongs to a player known as Dennis Bijen, who pocketed €32,405.

Menco not just became the winniner of the title, but he also earned €2,000 package to WPTDeepStacks’ season-ending European event.

Top nine players remained in business. The first player hit the rail was Alberto Stegeman, who busted earlier in the game. He busted to ninth place and collected €7,330 for his place.

Ami Barer was the next man to hit the rail. He got out to eighth position and pocketed €9,170 from the tournament, while another player hit the rail just after a couple of hands. He was Fredrick Andersson, who busted to seventh place and collected a total sum of amount €10,750.

Sixth, fifth and fourth positions of this particulat world poker tour WPTDeepstacks tournament belongs to players named as Richard Milne, Kees Aerts and Tobias Peters. They collected €12,615, €15,225 and €19,710 respectively.

Final Result of top nine positions of WPtDeepStacks Amsterdam:-

1st: Thijs Menco – €73,239
2nd: Pim van Wassenberg – €51,485
3rd: Dennis Bijen | Netherlands – €32,405
4th: Tobias Peters – €19,710
5th: Kees Aerts – €15,225
6th: Richard Milne – €12,615
7th: Fredrick Andersson – €10,750
8th: Ami Barer – €9,170
9th: Alberto Stegeman – €7,330

The whole tournament took place at Holand casino in Amsterdam. Next title of this series would be WPT Amsterdam €3,300 Main Event starting Tuesday, May 9.