Tom Marchese wins three $25,000 High Roller and earned $1,356,024

By | December 25, 2015

One of the finest poker destinations in Las Vegas i.e. ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas hosted almost 20, highTom Marchese roller tournament this year of 2015. The buy in for these events were $25,000.

Tom Marchese, an American poker player from Las Vegas won three high roller events here as well as collected a cash prize of $14,277,898.

According to ARIA, the largest events attracted 49 entries and the smallest events attracted 12 entries and the average number of entries to all the games was 30. Total amount distributed to the players was $14,277,898, whereas the first prize was nearly $300,000.

Some of the top poker players in the world including Tom Marchese earned $1,356,024 and won three titles; Byron Kaverman (a GPI Player of the year 2015) won two events and took home $1,064,624 as winning prize.

ARIA is one of the finest places and a luxuries casino resort based at Las Vegas trip. It hosts several poker tournaments each year. Some of them such as $25,000 high rollers are highly popular among players.

Top 15 players at ARIA $25,000 High Roller and their earnings:-

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Top prize winner#1
Player:-Tom Marchese of USA wins three titles and earned a total of $1,356,024 as cash prizes.
#2 Player:-Byron Kaverman(USA)total Earning:-$1,064,624
#3 A ndrew Lichtenberger, earned $831,140
#4 Erik Seidel, took home $641,870
#5 Taylor Paur, added $525,600 in his account.
#6 Tony Gregg, collected $468,569
#7 Keith Lehr wins total $468,000
#8 Barry Hutterand winning amount $467,326
#9  Isaac Haxton, total earnings:- $445,159
#10 Max Silver(An english poker player) earned $432,960
#11 Jake Schindler, took home $432,939
#12 David Peters, collected $426,240
#13 Andrew Robl, grabbed $411,200
#14 Cary Katz, collected $396,701
#15 Matt Berkey win cash prize of $315,180

Out of 20 High rollers played at ARIA, Marchese, Kaverman and Erik Seidel did really well and won multiple events.

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