Top 10 Best Poker hands

By | March 5, 2015

In poker games a player make his or her hand through playing card and according to the rules. A player also makes his hand according to variant of poker. It depends on the time and situation of the game. The hands are compared using a hand ranking system and if a player gets the highest ranking hand he wins that particular round of poker. In some cases a winner could be lowest ranking hand as well. In the games like card these kinds of hand ranking is also used. Having a look at top uk poker sites is really good for people like you to go with. please go through the Rules following in the article.

Rule: –

The simple rule in the game of poker is like that: – A hand consists of five cards but in many game a player is dealt more than 5 cards like 7 to him. In that case the player will have to choose the best of the five cards out of seven or eight cards are dealt to him to become the winner of thee poker round. It means the combination of the five cards is very important for a poker player to be a winner. In individual card the A gets highest rank whereas K,Q.10 to 2 gets the lowest rank but you should know that hands are ranked firstly by the category and then by the individual cards/numbers. In other words if there are multiple winners (multiple hand of same rank) then the pot will be divided equally to the winning players.

Now if you care about the possibility of getting five cards from the 52 cards deck then I would like to add that there are 311,875,200 ways to get five cards from the 52 cards deck.

Now I will tell you about the categories of the hand and in this regard straight flush comes first. This particular category simply combines all the five cards in a sequence.

The second category is four of a kind. Getting all four cards of one rank is simply meaning four of a kind like (7 7 7 7 J♥). This is also called as quads and quads having highest ranking cards will simply win.

The next category is full house. In this category a player gets the card which has three matching card of one rank and two matching cards of other rank simply as 2 2 2 5 5and the winner between two full houses would be three highest ranking card owner. In other words we can say that 6 6 6 3 3 defeats 4 4 4 2 2♣.

The next round of category is flush. In this poker hand all the cards are in the same suit but not in a sequence. The highest card owner will simply be a winner if compared to the two Flush poker hands. In case of both the winners having same card the second highest hand will be compared to the end until the difference.

Next category of poker hand is straight. In this hand all the five cards are in sequence but at least two cards are from different suit.

The next poker hand is three of a kind. In this hand a player gets three cards of the same rank whereas two cards from very difference. Make sure to add these values here at best poker sites 2015.

Next hand is two pair. Getting two cards of same rank and two cards from another rank and one from no rank like 6, 6,4,4,3 are called as two pair. The highest ranker compared first and then the highest hand will win. In case of both the hands are getting same top hands them second pair would be compared and the winner will be announced.

One pair is one of the poker hands in the game where the pack contains two cards of same rank plus three cards not ranking any. In this factor also the highest ranks defeats lowest ranking hand.  I hope you got some proper knowledge about rules of the poker games then checking out top mobile poker sites would be beneficial for you.