Top 10 UK &Ireland Online Poker Ranking as on Feb. 10

By | February 10, 2017

Patrick “pleno1” Leonard is at #1spotPatrick “pleno1” Leonard is at the number#1 spot among top 10 UK online poker players ranking. He has total 6,472 score points according to pocket fives.

The second place is for a player named 1_conor_b_1, who has total 6,450 points.

Pleno1 is at Ranked 13th World Wide. He has total cash of amount $2,922,738. The last tournament in which he participated was $1,050 Sunday Grand PLO [6-Max], $125K Gtd, for which total prize pool was $194,000 and he collected $2,792.      

Total Cashes for second position holder named 1_conor_b_1 is $3,801,895. He participated in $320 NLHE [6-Max], $10K Gtd on 08/02/2017, where total prize pool was $19,200 and he pocketed $1,282.

Ludovi333 is at #3 places with total 6,135 points, philroyal888 is at #4th place for 5,381 points.
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Fifth, sixth and seventh places are from moorman1, 3BunPass and sngwonder and they have 5,024, 4,924 and 4,842 scoring points.

Vicenfish is at number 8 with total 4,782 while Aggro Santos is at number#10 among top 10 UK online poker players as on February 10,2017 is concern. He has total 4,578 score points.

UK top 10 online poker ranking:-

1.pleno1         6,472
2.1_conor_b_1  6,450
3.ludovi333      6,135
4.philroyal888   5,381
5.moorman1       5,024
6.3BunPass       4,924
7.sngwonder      4,842
8.vicenfish      4,782
9.Aggro Santos   4,578
10.luckyfish89    4,548

Ireland’s online Poker Ranking:-

 NukeTheFish is at first position among all Irish online poker players. He has maintained his place/position where he was at #1st place. The Irish poker player has total 5,411 points.

His total cash till date is Total Cashes: $2,597,275.NukeTheFish is at #1st spot in Irish poker ranking

Jaymo is at second place for total 5,300 score points, while Jobytoyce is at third place and he has 4,939 score points. Jaymo total cash till date is $1,978,076.

Top 10 Irish Online Poker Ranking:-

1.NukeTheFish   5,411
2.Jaymo         5,300
3.Jobytoyce     4,939
4.myleftfoot    4,295
5.luckymo32     4,051
6.SuitedAcesBaby 3,899
7.Noogaii       3,896
8.FoxyLisa      3,572
9.Doke          3,288
10.relaxnspew   3,142

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