Top 10 US Poker Players

By | August 8, 2015

Playing poker is fun. It is one of the most played games over the earth. This particular game has everything that you required in your best wishes. It has enthusiasm, great enjoyment, great pass time, real money and free money as well. There are hundreds and thousands of poker players are from all around the world playing and enjoying their beloved games either at online poker sites or at any brick casinos.

Here is the list of top 10 US poker players regarding their rankings, one time live cash payment and total earning till date. I hope you read and enjoy it.

The first name which comes in everyone’s mind when talking about United States poker players is:-

Antonio EsfandiariAntonio Esfandiari: – Antonio, is one of a professional poker player and has won millions od dollars of cash prize playing at various world poker tournaments. Mr. Antonio is from San Francisco, United States.

Till date he has made a total earning of $26,495,567, playing at various championships whereas onetime or best live cash for him is $18,346,673. The previous tournament and sitting for him was at WSOP 2015, for $10,000 No Limit Hold’em where he secured 168th position and grab a total prize of $ 40,433.

Erik SeidelErik Seidel: – Erik is a pro poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, America and is holding the second position in total earning from gambling after Antonio. He has made Hugh amount of money while playing at various world level poker championships and tournaments.

Best live cash for him till date is $2,472,555, whereas total earning is more than $25,444,446. He participated lastly in the world poker tour championships where he got finished with 12th position and secured total prize money of $ 50,466.


Anthony Zinno:– Anthony has a total earning of $1,204,085 while playing poker at various championships. Till date he has won 1 gold bracelet playing at World Series of poker tournament.

In the event#60 of the WSOP 2015 which was for $25,000 pot limit Omaha High Roller he secured first position and grabbed his first ever Golf Bracelet with a prize of $1,122,196.

Daniel ColmanDaniel Coleman: – A player from Holden, M A, and United States David has won millions of dollars for him playing poker at various places and tournaments. He has made a total earning of $24,427,801and onetime cash prize for him is about $15,306,668 which is simply great.

He is the Gold Bracelet winner for the world series of poker tournaments. He is a master and a great player of poker. This year of WSOP 2015, he got 3rd position in the event $1, 11,111 No Limit Hold’em and secured a pool prize of $ 1,544,121.

Phil Ivey: – Another professional poker player from Absecon, United States is Phil Ivey. He is one of the top player in the world and been through many gambling tournaments.

He is also a winner of the Golf Bracelet playing at WSOP. Best live cash for Mr. Phil is $3,582,753 and total earning till date for him is $23,199,534.

Scott Seiver: – A pro from Las Vegas, America Scott is a very well known player and comes in ranking after Phil Ivey. Till date Phil Hellmuthhis best live cash winning is $5,160,000, whereas total earning is $20,944,632.

Phil Hellmuth Jr.: – One of the top pokers in the world is Phil Hellmuth Jr. he is the best when it comes to playing poker either at internet or at the WSOP, WPT, or any other top class world poker tournaments.

The best cash for live game is $2,645,333 whereas total earning for him while enjoying poker is $19,306,904. He has made himself through to the finals of WSOP many times and has also won Gold Bracelet for the same.

Brian Rast: – A very well known and most deserving poker player from the Poway, America is Brian Rast. He is the winner of the game and has collected a total income from the gaming arena as much as $15,583,717 and best live cash for Brian is $7,525,000.

Jason mercierJason mercier: – Jason mercier is an american pro poker player. currently he lives in Florida(USA). he has played many prestigious poker tournaments including world poker tour, world series of poker European poker and many others.He has made a whopping $15,226,974 from all the version of the games and while playing at various poker championships including WSOP, EPT and WPT whereas the best live cash for Jason is more than $1,622,181. The 29 years of age jason love to play high stakes Omaha and No limit hold’em games at various festivals.

Michael MizrachiMichael Mizrachi :-Michael is from Hollywood, Florida, United states and a pro poker player. He has won many titles and great prizes till date. The best live cash for Michael is $2,332,992 and total earning exceeds to $14,604,481. He has been through many poker championships including online and offline and played like a champion. he is the player who have won two times world series of poker championship back in the year 2010 and 2012. he is one of the top pro poker indeed without any doubt.

David Pham: – David is a professional poker player and belongs to Bell Gardens, CA, USA. Best live cash winning for david phamDavid is $800,185 and total earning for him while being at many and various places of poker is more than $8,875,193. At the event #1 of the WSOP and $235 No Limit Hold’em, he participated and won $ 1,205.

This was a proper real list for top 10 poker players of the United States of America. You can fine UK poker players here and could enjoy the best poker sites or best poker bonuses here at this particular site only. check this out have fun.