Top 10 World Poker Tour All Time Money List

By | December 31, 2015

World poker tour is one of the biggest names if we talk about poker. WPT Hosts some of the best and most popular tournament/poker festivals in and around the world. Thousands of poker players participate to WPT Hosted poker tournaments just because of the greatness the tournament and prize money involved.

That is why we thought that we should provide you the top 10 poker players list who have done really well playing at various world poker tour hosted tournaments and festivals. Hope you would like it.

So! Here are the details :-

Carlos MortensenPlayer:-Carlos Mortensen
Country:-Madrid, NV, Spain
Best Live Cash:-$3,970,415

Total Earning:-$11,924,692

Last Event and earning: – Carlos Played at main event of World Series of poker circuit $ 1,675 No Limit Hold’em on 20th Nov. Got position 67 and collects $ 4,812.

Daniel NegreanuPlayer:-Daniel Negreanu
Country:- Canada
Best Live Cash:-$8,288,001

Total Earning:-$32,315,816

Last Event and earning for Daniel Negreanu was at world poker tour Alpha8 for $ 100,000 high roller event. Daniel got 3rd position and earned more than 6 times of his investment i.e. $ 640,103.

Player:-Michael Mizrachi ‘The Grinder’
Michael MizrachiCountry:- Hollywood, FL, United States
Best Live Cash:-$2,332,992

Total Earning:-$14,663,104

Last Event and earning: – Played at world poker tour £ 2,000 + 200 NLH Main event in Nottingham and got 24th place with a prize of $ 12,351. $1000 bonus at Americas cardroom

Player:-Tuan Bui Le
Tuan Bui LeCountry:- Newport, TN, United States
Best Live Cash:-$2,856,150

Total Earning:-$5,559,688

Last Event and earning: – The last event for Bui Le was World Series of poker $ 10,000 2-7 Triple Draw championship in Las Vegas where he topped the field and took 1st prize and collected a cash of $ 322,756. The event was at 31st May 2015.

Player:-Gus Hansen
Gus HansenCountry:- Copenhagen, Denmark
Best Live Cash:-$1,714,800

Total Earning:-$10,258,052

Last Event and earning: – Gus Hansen Participated at European poker tour € 5,000 + 300 NLH Main event got 71st position and made € 12,600 on 23rd march 14.

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Player:-Alan Goehring
Alan GoehringCountry:- Henderson, NV, United States
Best Live Cash:-$2,391,550

Total Earning:-$5,230,891

Last Event and earning:- on 25th July 15, Alan played at $1,600 No Limit Hold’em at Deep Stack and booked for 30th place with a cash of $ 3,486.

Player:-Joe Bartholdi Jr.
Joe Bartholdi JrCountry:- Las Vegas, NV, United States
Best Live Cash:-$3,760,165

Total Earning:-$4,242,576

Last Event and earning: – 17th May 13 and for $ 180 + 20 No Limit Texas Hold’em booked for 7th and collected $ 461

Player:-Jonathan Little  
Jonathan LittleCountry:- Pensacola, FL, United States
Best Live Cash:-$1,120,310
Total Earning:-$6,248,881
Last Event and earning: – on 20th sept 15 Joe Played at world poker tour’s $ 3,300 + 200 No Limit Hold’em for WPT Borgata Championship Main Event. This was the event#18 to which joe placed at 25th position and got a cash prize of $ 14,793.

Player:-David Chiu  
Country:- RolDavid Chiuand Heights, CA, United States
Best Live Cash:-$3,389,140
Total Earning:-$7,925,360
Last Event and earning: – Chiu participated and made a real good amount of ¥ 198,000 playing at world poker tour national China on 30-Oct-2015. He got 4th place at the event.


Player:-Nick Schulman
Nick SchulmanCountry:- Manhattan, NY, United States
Best Live Cash:-$2,167,500

Total Earning:-$7,857,364

Last Event and earning:- on 20th September Nick, participated to $ 24,000 + 1,000 No Limit Hold’em at ARIA and comes 3rd in the toppers list and took home a cash prize of $133,200.

This was the to 10 list of all tike money for world poker tour. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you are an online poker player and looking to get some exclusive poker bonuses and deals for you, check out best poker sites UK for the same.

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