Top 25 Canadian Poker Players :All Time Poker Earnings

By | January 16, 2017

Top 25 Canadian Poker Players :All Time Poker EarningsCanada produces hundreds of professional live and online poker players every year.  The game is a big hit among Canadian people. Online poker in Canada could be a best option to make real money which you are taking a chance at the internet.

Some of world’s largest poker championship winners are from Canada. Daniel Negreanu is at the #1 spot. He is world biggest poker player. He has played at hundreds of top poker championship including World Series of poker, world poker tour, European poker tour and many others and has won a whooping/huge winning total of amount $32,887,949.

He is world biggest poker player. Jonathan Duhamel is just after him in terms of all time money. His all time money is around $17,636,422, while third place is for a pro and legendry Mike McDonald, who has made $13,094,532 from different world poker championships. Sorel Mizzi of Canada is at fourth position with total live earnings over $11,288,551.

Michael Watson is at #5th place with total winning share of amount $9,376,976, while Gavin Smith is at sixth place with total live earnings $6,300,519.

Seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth positions of Canada’s Poker All time money list includes players named as Shawn Buchanan ($5,960,247),Mike Leah ($5,540,166),Tuan Lam ($4,851,424) and Andrew Chen ($4,730,654).

Top 25 Players (All Time Money):-

1st      Daniel Negreanu       $32,887,949
2nd     Jonathan Duhamel    $17,636,422
3rd     Mike McDonald         $13,094,532
4th     Sorel Mizzi              $11,288,551
5th     Michael Watson        $9,376,976
6th     Gavin Smith            $6,300,519
7th     Shawn Buchanan      $5,960,247
8th     Mike Leah               $5,540,166
9th     Tuan Lam              $4,851,424
10th    Andrew Chen          $4,730,654
11th    Nenad Medic          $4,683,249
12th    Sam Greenwood       $4,627,885
13th    Scott Montgomery    $4,525,114
14th    Alan Engel      $4,260,315
15th    Timothy Adams        $4,211,326
16th    Andrew Pantling        $3,741,149
17th    Griffin Benger          $3,645,598
18th    Glen Chorny   $3,544,230
19th    Randy Holland          $3,519,995
20th    Amichai Barer          $3,301,164
21st    Erik Cajelais   $3,298,760
22nd   Poorya Nazari          $3,149,721
23rd    Daniel Dvoress         $2,904,608
24th    Marc Etienne McLaughlin      $2,901,039
25th    David Matthew         $2,890,462