Ukrainian Oleksandr Strokolis wins €550 PokerStars Super Deep tournament

By | March 9, 2017

Ukrainian Oleksandr Strokolis wins €550 PokerStars Super Deep tournamentOleksandr Strokolis, a pro poker player from Ukraine has won €550 buy-in PokerStars Super Deep tournament and pocketed € 25,769 from the game.

Domenico Gala of Italy becomes runner-up of this tournament and collected an amount of € 18,951 from the heads-up deal; meanwhile third place of the match belongs to a pro poker player from Poland named Hubert Baran-Osinski and he pocketed € 13,937 from the title.

The tournament kicked off on Sunday march 5th and it generated attracted 304 players, out of which 246 unique players + 58 re-entries. Total prize pool for the event was €147,440, which distributed among top 55 finishers.

Most of the money belongs to Oleksandr Strokolis and after that runner-up took home good amount of money.

The tournament was underway at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, which is one of most prestigious European casino place. The casino is near Czech Republic and it attracts thousands of poker lovers ever year for different poker series.

Strokolis played outstandingly well till the end of the day and outlasted a very good final table which included top seeded players of world and Europe.

Full Result of the event is as follows:-

1        Oleksandr Strokolis   Ukraine                  € 25,769

2        Domenico Gala         Italy             € 18,951

3        Hubert Baran-Osinski Poland          € 13,937

4        Daniel Harwood        United Kingdom                 € 10,249

5        Robert Saffran         Germany                € 7,537

6        Jonathan Dartevelle   France          € 5,543

7        Václav Pavlík  Czech Republic                  € 4,076

8        Quentin Peeters        Belgium                  € 2,998

€275 PokerStars Open:- German Fabian Gumz wins title for €23,770

Another tournament took place at the same place and this was €275 PokerStars Open. The tournament belongs to a pro poker player from Germany named Fabian Gumz, who pocketed €23,770 from the game.

Slovakian Andrej Desset becomes runner-up of this tournament and pocketed €14,500. The tournament attracted 740 entries, creating a €179,450, which smashed €100K guarantee.

1st     Fabian Gumz   Germany       €23,770

2nd     Andrej Desset Slovakia        €14,500

3rd     Matthieu Kecke         Germany       €14,500

4th     Rastislav Paleta        Czech Republic         €14,500

5th     Anil Ozdemir   Turkey €7,370

6th     Said Nadjem  Germany       €5,660

7th     Chikmagalore Thilak  India   €4,030

8th     Jochen Wien   Germany       €2,960