UK’s Joe Johnson wins PokerStars High Roller London for £59,912

By | January 27, 2017

UK’s Joe Johnson wins PokerStars High Roller London for £59,912Joe Johnson of United Kingdom wins PokerStars £2,200 buy-in High Roller London for £59,912. The heads-up deal among top two players decided the final result at the venue i.e. Hippodrome Casino in London.

The London event received 178 entries out of which (166 fresh entries + 12 re-entrants) and generated total prize pool of amount £345,320.

The runner-up was also a UK pro poker player named Enzo Del Piero, who pocketed £56,678 from the deal for his second position, while third place belongs to another Englishman Harry Lodge, who made £36,150 from the title.

Final table of eighth players included players from London, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France and one player named Nathan Manuel from the United States of America.

This was the biggest cash win for the 23-year-old live cash-game player Joe Johnson, who earned the money from a tough table.

Some Notable players like Felipe Ramos, Luca Pagano Spanish Adrian Mateos and UK’s Liv Boeree couldn’t make themselves through to the final table of the game. They got busted in early hours of play. Liv Boeree did made sure to be in the game , but ultimately she hit the rail to 10th place for a total £6,280

At some point the chip counts for top five players were  as follows:-

1: Yuriy Boyko, Ireland, 484,000 (20 BBs)
2: Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, 626,000 (26 BBs)
3: Enzo Del Piero, United Kingdom, 1,100,000 (45 BBs)
4: Joe Johnson, United Kingdom, 2,200,000 (91 BBs)
5: Nicolas Beker, Switzerland, 1,123,000 (46 BBs)

Nathan Manuel of United States hit the rail to eighth place for a total winning share of amount £7,650, then goes UK’s Jonathan Clark to seventh place for a total £10,440.

Nicolas Cardyn of France made £14,240 from the game, which is almost seven times better than he invested. He busted to sixth place.

Top Five Positions of PokerStars £2,200 High Roller London:-

1        Joe Johnson   United Kingdom        £59,912*
2        Enzo Del Piero          United Kingdom        £56,678*
3        Harry Lodge   United Kingdom        £36,150
4        Yuriy Boyko   Ireland £26,500
5        Nicolas Beker Switzerland    £19,410