Usman Siddique leads final 10 of United Kingdom Irish Poker Tour (UKIPT#6)

By | April 10, 2016

Usman SiddiqueUsman Siddique of United Kingdom is leading top 10 finalist of UKIPT season#6 on Day 2. The game started with total 176 players in the ground but only 10 players survived for the next round of the game, of the United Kingdom and Irish Poker Tour’s season#6. All the eliminations took place in just 11 levels of the play and yielded top 10 most suitable players for further gaming. Out of these 10 finalists only eight will play for the championship title at final table of the game.

UK’s Usman Siddique did a great job and kept the momentum. He finally close his day with having 4,337,000 in chip counts along with him, whereas Warren Russell, another UK’s pro poker player has 3,894,000 chip counts with him and completed second in the list.

Some of the notable players like Jack Salter (Prize winner of amount €765,000 at EPT10 Grand Final) and Joe Hindry are also in the business to win this title. Salter was looking very good and at the end of the day he had total 1,231,000 stacks with him.

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Players like Jack Hardcastle of United Kingdom, who had donw well in past is also in the business with total 365,000 stacks. A Frenchman David Gassian moved ahead and is eyeing to win his first ever UKIPT in 2016. He concluded the day with total 820,000 chips. Morten Halvorsen of Norway moved upward and will play for title with 720,000 chips, whereas a Lithuanian player Anatolis Jevtejev was able to close the deal with total 636,000 chips.

Other than these players who hit the rail and got eliminated were Niners Antoine Saout, at 80th place for £1,300, Felex Stephensen was at 77th for £1,300. Diego Gomez a former Irish poker winner completed his journe to 46th position and took home £1,660 as winning share. Xiaoyang Luo’s was the one could not make himself through to the final 10 and got busted to 11th position making £5,640 from the event.

To 10 Finalist are Like:-

Jack Salter(1,231,000), Usman Siddique(4,337,000), David Docherty(1,283,000), Joe Hindry(1,622,000), Jack Hardcastle(365,000), Warren Russell(3,894,000), David Gassian(820,000), Daniel Harwood(1,220,000), Morten Halvorsen(720,000) and Anatolis Jevtejev(636,000).