Valentin Vornicu Leads at WSOP Bicycle Casino

By | March 21, 2016

Valentin VornicuValentin Vornicu, a professional poker player from California, United States is leading the event#1 or $365 No Limit Hold’em re entry event at Bicycle Casino. The former WSOP Circuit winner for amount $197,000 has total 249,000 in chips along with him at the day 1 D of the tournament.

Day 1C of the event attracted 286 players and 1 D got total 251 entrants. It means the total number of entrants including all the Day (1 A, B, C and D) becomes 995, generated a prize pool of amount $298,500 which bested $200,000 guaranteed. Only 137 out of 995 survived and will come back on Day 2 of the event.

Meanwhile top 108 players would be paid and the winner would take home $50,000 as first prize.

Please take a look at Top 15 chip counts for Event#1 or $365 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry of WSOP Circuit Bicycle Casino.


Valentin Vornicu (table #2 and seat#4 with total 249,600),Xiao Ruan(is at table#13 and at seat#1 with total 223,700 chips),Dylan Nguyen( is at table#13 and seat#1 with total 217,700 chipsc),Alexander Shelton( has total 195,500 chips and allotted table#16 with seat#4),Alex Milgrom(table#10 and seat#3 with 183,800 chips),Tyler Cormney ( is at table#7 and seat#7 with 179,600 in chips),Larry Quang(is at table#8, seat#5 with total number of chips 175,000),Jeff Dobrin is at table#8 and has seat#6 with total 169,400 chips.

Shahen Martirosian( table#14 and seat#7 with 147,400 chips),Ronny Mirel(147,200),Bedo Danayan(133,700),Marios Savvides(132,100), Edna Franco(129,300),Stan Hackett(128,100),Kratochvil Karel(127,800) and Jim Choquette(126,400) chip counts.

The event#2 of the poker festival which is a $365 No Limit Hold’em will kicks off on is schedule time and at 2:00 P.M. Main highlights of the event#2 are :-

Players will start with at least a chip count of 10,000. There will be 18 levels for the event and levels 1-12 are of 30 minutes each and 13-18 levels are decided for 40 minutes each.